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I occasionally make custom stuff for the Iron Gods campaign. I am a player in this campaign, so please no spoilers. U8Pw/edit?usp=sharing

My DM was looking for a map of the Scrapmaster's Arena, so I have made him web-friendly map that I'm now putting online! Because it's so big, I've reduced the size of the map to 1855x1855 and then segmented that map into 4 quadrants for use on the web. Cutting up an image like this can make it more efficient for the server to load, as I understand it.

I have included instructions in the Google doc for how you can use this in Roll20!

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This is awesome my party will be hitting the arena soon. I found an encounter pack on the market place with some cool arenas but this perfectly matches so I am gonna use this with great thanks to you!

Edit: Further looking at the art is cool. What did you use Google maps images of landfills and junkyards? Either way awesome job.

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I'm glad this helped you! I looked up 'landfills' and 'junkyards'. Cleaned up the backgrounds and then inserted them selectively over the map! The edges are, as you can imagine, stretched out panoramic views of landfills.

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If you wanted some criticism or suggestion for improvement I would keep the Map R section to just the eastern side of the map and have the western entrance be just a gap in the scrap. Also scatter some heaps and junk throughout the arena the book says there are all kind of things for use as cover.

Also with the scaling you suggest it makes tokens very small and when selected hides the whole toke except for its adjustment boxes.

My group has had some trouble meeting recently so I will let you know what my players think once they actually fight there.

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