Thousand Bones and Shoanti

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Anyone have any official on where do Thousand Bones and the few Shoanti live inside the city?

If not, where did you put them in you game? Based on Guide to Korvosa, I would probably put them in Thief Camp and East Shore.

I treated them as encamped nearby the city. Beyond Thief Camp, off the map. A few of them probably had an apartment or two somewhere in the city, to "keep an eye on the Korvosans," or something to that effect (but that never came up in my campaign, so as far as my PC's know, the tribe was encamped outside the city). They would also come into the city in small groups for various reasons (taverns, shopping errands, etc.)

Edge of Anarchy p. 47 wrote:
...the quick-to-anger Shoanti who dwell in and near Korvosa is a constant battle for the ancient shaman.
" son and his kin are not so forgiving as I. They wish to return to the Skoan-Quah in the Cinderlands, to join with the Sklar-Quah and rally to war against Korvosa."

"My son and his kin...return to the Skoan-Quah in the Cinderlands..."

I read this as meaning Thousand Bones and (in my mind, at least) most of the "nearby" encamped (i.e. - "organized") Shoanti were Skoan-Quah.

Various other Shoanti that are not of the Skoan-Quah tribe live scattered throughout Korvosa, working as Dock hands, tavern bouncers, etc. (there is an example one listed at the Three Rings Tavern). Admittedly I've only skimmed the world-flavor articles in the back halves of the original modules, but the one in A History of Ashes gives more in-depth info on the Shoanti, and lists more than the three Tribes that are mentioned briefly in EoA and the adventure part of AHoA (Skoan-Quah, Sklar-Quah, Lyrune-Quah).

For example, the Shriikirri-Quah (the Hawk Clan) are listed as "the most likely of the seven quahs to interact with other peoples. For many generations, the Clan of the Hawk has been the face of the Shoanti to the people of southwestern Varisia. Chelish inhabitants of Magnimar’s holdings and Ravenmoor regularly trade with emissaries from the Clan of the Hawk..." Their territory also spills off the Storval Plateau, southward all the way to the Churlwood (AHoA p. 70). I assume that the Shriikirri-Quah are the most largely-represented non-organized Shoanti in Korvosa, with smaller representations of the other clans (though, by my reckoning, the Skoan-Qua would have been the most represented, in a sense, at the start of Edge of Anarchy, due to the nearby encampment).

Sovereign Court

I placed my Shoanti in Southshore and Eastshore, because I imagine that these places are slightly more cosmopolitan than the rest of Korvosa. The Green Market is getting it's fruit, vegetables and spices from somewhere and by all means, not all of those would come from farms, but also from hunter-gatherers.

In fact, I imagine there are Shoanti truffle-hunters seeking out truffles with trained boars for easy money and that there are farmers discussing the domestication of various plants in the region that shoanti are familiar with in preserving.

Meanwhile, Eastshore would be where Shoanti hunters deliver exotic hides to be fashioned into leatherwork, without having to go into Midland warehouses, where they in fairness probably weren't wanted in the first place. And also where those Shoanti hunters might look for specialized crafts like high quality boots that allows the Shoanti to trek farther.

Imagine a Shoanti Quah regularly comes to Korvosa for boots and horse shoes that are the best in the region. That Quah would quickly become indispensable to the Quahs they trade with, since good boots and horseshoes would be a massive advantage to those nomadic tribes.

I can even imagine an angry tribe of Shoanti marching up to a leatherworker in Korvosa because their boots weren't of the quality they were expecting, based on the hyped up description of another Shoanti trader.

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