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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build a bloodrager and wouldn't mind some help with some of the options. The goal is to build a character with intimidating presence that can stand toe to toe with multiple opponents. Final level wil be 12 maybe 13. Despite having spells, I feel they are far too few to help consistently. So it seems to me that going reach and DR seems like a good option.
For point buy 20: I would use the following stats after racial adjustment (Human +2 to str):
17, 14, 14, 10, 10, 13

No traits at the start, but extra traits feet is allowed. Destined bloodline fits very nicely with the character concepts so that's picked.

So I'm thinking of the following build:


Archetypes: Primalist and Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy
Lvl 1: Dodge, Extra traits( cautious warrior, fate's favored), Improved Unarmed Strike (from Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy),
Bloodline power( 1/2 level bonus to attack 3 times per day, later 5 times per day)
Lvl 2: Bonus style feat: Crane style
Lvl 3: Power attack
Lvl 4: +1 Str
Bloodline power (scaling luck bonus to AC and Saves)
Lvl 5: Combat reflex
Lvl 6: Bonus bloodline feat: diehard,
Lvl 7: Cornugon smash
Lvl 8: +1 Str,
replace bloodline power with: Intimidating Glare, Terrifying Howl
Lvl 9: Stalwart, Bonus bloodline feat: Endurance
Lvl 11: Improved Stalwart
Lvl 12: +1 Str, Bonus bloodline feat: intimidating prowess,
Bloodline power (1/day if reduced below 0 HP, instead be at 1 HP, DC 20 Fort save).

In early levels Crane Style will help a lot with survavibility, in level 9 (stalwart) it becomes 5 dr for -2 to attack and in lvl 11 (improved stalwart) it's dr 10 for -2 to attack.

So at level 12 assuming the character has the following gear:
+2 furious bardiche, Mithral Breastplate +4, belt of strength +4, ring of deflection +2, amulet of natural armor +2, cloak of resistance +3, some runestones of power, there should be enough gold left for boots of speed.

the stats are following when bloodraging


to hit: 20/15/10
damage: 28
saves: Fort 20; Will 14; Reflex; 13
Ac: 29 (+4 shield)
DR: 10
reach: 25 ft (with reach weapon, enlarge and long arm, due to improved unarmed strike you threaten also the first 10 feet).

On each attack you can try an intimidate check to demoralize opponents, next round as a standard action you can use terrifying howl (DC 26).

One of the issues is lack of raging vitality, but destined bloodline lvl 12 power should somewhat help mitigate that (essentially once per day survive a killing blow).

The biggest issue for me seems to be to hit which is kinda lowish at 20 due to penalties from power attack and fighting defensively. Haste and Pale Green Prism Ioun stone can help mitigate it somehow. I could often drop because I can stay out of reach. But any other ideas? Maybe picking weapon focus as a bonus feat at lvl 12, but losing + 10 to intimidate seems a lot. There's also lvl 1 bloodline power that allows me to add half my level as bonus.

So any feedback, improvements?

Looks pretty good. Don't forget you can raise your AC with your Bloodrager power. Might also look at a Madu shield and the ioun stone to be proficient. Fates favored the trait would also tie in nicely with your luck bonus.

Look at the feat hurtful (it is from the monster codex) it allows an attack when you intimidate. Also, if you are worried about hitting, you might consider the rage power “reckless abandon” it gives you +1 to hit every 4 levels at the cost of -1 AC every 4 levels.

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