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We did a bunch of CotCC level 4 scenarios yesterday and a few cases occured that were (at least for some of them) already mentioned in the forums but still don't have an official answer that I'm aware of. So it's an opportuinity to list them back here.

1) Dire Lion has 2 powers that look something like
"Before acting, you are delt 1d4-1 damage
Damage is increased by 1d4"
Obvious question: does the +1d4 adds to the before acting damage. I guess yes.

2) Pack Landshark is a trigger story bane that makes you move to its location and encounter it. In a scneario where it is a multiple (via proxies) closing hench, it menas that I can close many locations in a single turn (that can even not by my turn since I'm not exploring) by just :
- Examine (my or another) location (via spell or item)
- Trigger the Pack
- Move to its location (if not local)
- Defeat it
- Close
- Move somewhere else automatically
- Reapeat
I guess yes.

3) If Mist Horror is defeated in a Siege Deck, as per the monster card after acting it gets shuffled in a random location, but not the siege deck (unless the scenario clearly says so, which is not the case in the level 4 CotCC scenario), so it actually helps adding cards to locations (where usually there are only boons in a siege scenario.
I guess yes.
May also be the case for Giant Fly (don't remeber how the card is worded).

1) My opinion is that the damage increase relates only to the actual combat check (intent), but the way it is worded might be interpreted as you did (as written)
2) I haven't played CotCT yet, but isn't that the scenario where you have to beat the Cindermaw? Just by reading scenario rules, just the villain sounded extremely difficult to beat, so any possible help is welcome. Per rules, there is nothing wrong with your description of the situation.
3) There was some forum post about similar interaction between siege deck and some bane that is shuffled into a location, with the result that it is exactly as you suppose - it is good for the heroes.

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As written, you're correct about 1, but I will verify whether that was intended.

You're also correct about 2 and 3.

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Thanks Vic

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