Harmony Gold retain ROBOTECH rights for decades to come


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I'm sure this will go down well.

Short version: Harmony Gold and Tatsunoko have reached a new agreement which renews Harmony Gold's ownership of the rights related to the ROBOTECH franchise and its constituent sub-series (MACROSS, SOUTHERN CROSS & MOSPEADA) for a considerable number of years to come (some reports are saying up to thirty).

As part of the deal, Tatsunoko and Studio Nue will receive a more prominent credit for their role in creating the original series that make up the franchise, and will work more closely with Harmony Gold in the future on new projects.

The first impact of the deal is that both the ROBOTECH and original Japanese versions of the series are now available on streaming services FilmRise, Vudu and Roku (US only at the moment). This is the first time, I believe, that SOUTHERN CROSS and MOSPEADA have ever been released in their original, non-ROBOTECH incarnations.

This deal also clears up any lingering issues with Sony's planned live-action film adaptation of the franchise, and allows them to continue with the project. However, with their preferred directors (James Wan and Andy Muschietti) having moved on to other projects, it's unclear if they are going to wait for those guys to become available again or will start looking for a new director.

The mooted but not-actually-proposed-yet Netflix remake of the entire series would also now be able to proceed, if they so chose.

As part of the deal, HG are apparently open to releasing the various MACROSS prequel and sequel series in the West, although I believe this has been said in the past and nothing has happened.

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Let's see what happens.

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