Polymorph and gaining Touch Attack’s

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There are a few Creatures that have a touch attack and do not have the incorporeal subtype. When using Polymorph spells do you gain those attacks as Touch attacks or would the default to Standard attacks.

For example

Fey Form 2 gets you the poison of your form.
Nereid- Medium Fey
Melee touch +10 (poison)

Touch attacks are not natural attacks, so you don't gain them when using a (polymorph) spell unless the spell calls out that you do.

Edit: For Nereid you would get their poison ability, which gives you the ability to touch attack or spray with it.

Normally, you don't get touch or special ranged attacks as part of a polymorph spell. However, the poison universal monster ability includes its delivery mechanism, so in this case you would get the touch and spray attacks.

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