Hunter / Mystic Theurge 2 person party viability?


Recently my father, brother, and I started a game of 1st edition Pathfinder. My brother and I wanted to try and do something challenging and try a 2 person party. The set up so far is:
Both level 5
Both Dwarves
Co.pleting a quest for Baba Yaga before moving on to kingdom making at higher levels.

My brother (not much experience, maybe a few months gaming seriously) playing a dwarven hunter with a Badger animal companion. Took improved critical scimitar to fish for crits with the animal companion. He is focusing on the scimitar and the Dwarven War shield, took spells to enhance himself and his animal in combat (see Acid Maw, etc.) As well as a couple for character reasons. His character will largely remain unchanged, but this is my partner.

Yours truly (been playing for about 15 years, various editions) is playing a Mystic Theurge. Originally Diviner Wizard 3/Cleric 2 w/ protection (defense) and knowledge (memory)domains. My character is variable but I need to cover lots of bases. I'm the sole arcane caster, the only healer, and probably the face as well.

We also may have a DmPc of a Dwarven Drunken Master Monk, but he likely wont stick around.

1st session come to find out we are facing undead, ghasts and a Wraith to be specific, and I totally poop the bed. I'm not useful in melee when the ghasts paralyze the hunter, I cant seem to damage the wraith, etc. I have since attributed this to spell selection. I have decided at this juncture to focus on buffing my friends to the moon, but would love a solid strategy.

My question for you all is, how can I make my character work? I'm aware of the controversy surrounding the Mystic Theurge, but I cant think of another way to cover all the bases I need covered with a single class build. I have access to any material through pathfinder (specifically and traits as well.

Currently my build:
-Dwarf (non-negotiable)
-Stats are:
-Diviner Wizard 3 w/Arcane Bonded ring.
-Cleric 2 w/ Protection (Defense) and Knowledge (Memory) domains. These are mostly for thematic reasons, really leaning into the dwarven lore master of Torag here.
-Trait to pick up perception, Glory of the old dwarven trait. Got Magical knack in both classes for free
-feats are Improved Initiative, Steel Soul, and Breadth of Experience.
-got a set of Magic Mithril Chain Shirt with no arcane spell failure chance for free too
-currently sitting at +17 will saves vs spells

I've been given the opportunity to tweak my character withing reason so I have been looking at maybe going Empureal blooded Sorcerer, and probably Cleric3/arcane spellcaster 2. Maybe even just full Cleric?

Thoughts on spell selection/level set up/feat selection? Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

It really depend on what you're trying to "cover" by being a mystic theurge. Hunters get low level divine spells meaning they could cover healing if they're willing to give up the combat utility.

Alternatively, you could be an arcane class that gets some divine magic (eg. Witch) or a divine caster that gets arcane magic (eg. ancient lorekeeper oracle ). Mystic theurge gets lots of versatility but at the expense of higher level spells. If you can figure out what divine and arcane spells specifically you want you can probably afford to give up some of the versatility without problems.

I would recommend making a "dream list" of every spell you want. If you find that only a handful of spells are outside of what's offered by a single class, you could take the Pathfinder Savant prestige class to grab those extra spells. I personally have had quite a bit of success mixing cleric with pathfinder savant. Wizard with pathfinder savant has been... a less useful mix, partly because someone else was already handling healing.

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Theurge is okay. However, you aren’t a Theurge, you are a wizard/cleric multiclass, which is one of the absolute worst multiclass characters you can make at low level. If you really want to do go Theurge, consider going single class at least until 7th. Preferably go to 10th and then retrain some levels.

There are lots of other character builds that can achieve Theurge-like characters though without the horrible valley where you are basically just 3 levels behind. Shaman, razmiran priest, pathfinder savant clerics (as above), medium, etc.

Silver Crusade

IMHO, a Speaker for the Past Shaman covers the sole spellcaster role better than the Mystic Theurge.

Hunter can heal. You have scribe scroll and cleric spells, just make a few and he can pitch in too.

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