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I have a player who wants, and has the funds, to create a semi large demiplane. They want to lay out all the "demiplane cubes" out, creating a flat open space outside map to then build within. With the motif a temple hidden in the forest.

However, since the cubes are 10/10, would my players have to sacrifice cubes to create a "sky" for buildings higher than 10ft or would that fall under the Structure part of Create demiplanes?

Yes he would need to use his cubes to create height as needed for structures on his demiplane. He has a fair amount of space to work with considering at the minimum level to cast the spell (as a Wiz/Sor) he has 150 10ft cubes to work with to create his space and that's without considering the use of Permanency to expand the overall area.

The cubes are the total volume of the demiplane. If the player arrays all cubes in a flat plane, then the demiplane will only be 10ft tall. There will be no space to build higher, because the demiplane volume doesn't exist beyond that.

All that said, you are the GM and if you want to allow it you can do whatever you want. His choice seems like an aesthetic one, so I wouldn't worry about it unless he tries to abuse the volume limits of the plane.

Eh, demiplanes are crazy exploitable - I'd make him spend the space to go up as well - at LEAST 20', then handwave trees/etc that "go higher" but aren't actually reachable/etc.

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If the creator selects a "featureless void", it's not really defined what happens if someone manually builds structures that extend into the void. I wouldn't expect them to simply vanish, but at the least the plane's various properties (environmental conditions, time, etc.) would either not exist there or would be unreliable. I'd treat manually-constructed add-ons to a demiplane that "hang off the sides" the same way, and similarly for digging into the ground of a demiplane. (I wonder how many people think to allocate enough cubes of ground to account for tree roots or building foundations?)

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