Nanoshade ki pool + ninja tricks

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I have a question about the Nanoshade archetype for ninja androids here it comes.

Are many of the ninja tricks counted as being (Su) because the ki pool is?

If so

Would the many of the ninja tricks become (Ex) by choosing the nanoshade archetype for ninja androids, since it makes their ki pool (Ex)?

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You might suggest to your GM that making some currently Su ninja tricks Ex instead would make sense, but a glance at d20pfsrd to find this archetype sees no language which would require it. There's no language under the ninja or monk's ki pool which would help you either.

If there's more in the book than appears on d20pfsrd that might tell you something but I haven't seen it. You might ask in the Third Party Pathfinder RPG Products forum area in case anyone there has seen it.

ok, ok..

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