samurai with flurry of blows


i am trying to make a kitsune samurai with monk levels, currently lvl 8 starting, flurry of blows isn't necessary, but i would like to use it

no i do not start with enough gold to make the excuse to run and get the blade of the sword saint

any ideas would be helpful, thanks :)

the archetype i was thinking of for the samurai was sword saint
as for monk............well hes a kitsune, so without a way to use flurry of blows right out, the one that just gives me a bunch of magic tails is nice, or one with some kind of lifesteal, i think hungry ghost did that, idk ill look

Why do you want to mix monk and samurai? What do you want out of the class Samurai? What do you want out of Monk? Mixing the two classes is going to give you a weaker character than either of them to full level.

Dipping multiple levels means giving up high level abilities for both classes. While high level samurai abilities aren't fantastic...high level monk abilities ARE fantastic. So if you are going to dip a second class, you should have a purpose other than 'it sounds good'. If you don't have a specific reason to do it, do not dip into a second class.

The Sword Saint has a much bigger reason than a normal Samurai to avoid dipping a second class. The Iaijutsu class ability gets more powerful with more levels of Sword Saint. Not only does dipping monk levels delay you from getting later abilities, it also nerfs the special attack's growth.

If you want a 'samurai looking character that flurries' try Sohei. That is a monk that wears light armor, rides horses and can flurry with weapons he is trained in. Spend a feat to become proficient with a Katana, and select the Fighter weapon group: Heavy Blades and you're all set for flurry with a katana. To get that Flurry of Blows with a katana you need to take 6 levels of Sohei to pick up the weapon training.

You could also modify a katana to be a monk weapon, which would allow a monk to use it in a flurry of blows...but its expensive. You use Versatile Design to add the monk property to your Katana. Gold wise it only adds 500gp to the cost, 750 to a magic weapon. That isn't the expensive part. Modifying the exotic weapon makes it necessary to use Modified Weapon Proficiency or Weapon Adept on top of Exotic Weapon Proficiency:Katana. But at the cost of 2 feats and 750gp (it is a magic katana, right?) your ucMonk can flurry with it.

That is a whole lot of work just to flurry with an exotic weapon. Dong the same thing with a Rapier would be 1 less feat for almost stat wise the same weapon. But this is an image thing, right?

Is it that you would like to Flurry with a Katana or is there some other mechanics you are after?

It's all possible, you just have to decide what you want (and what you're willing to invest). What do you want from Samurai, what du you want from Monk, and what weapon do you want to use. Special mention goes out to regular Samurai dipping into Sohei for super early access Mounted Skirmisher, or Warrior Poet Samurai with a dip into unMonk for dex-based flurry (unarmed or with a monk weapon like waveblade). Samurai isn't exactly a class that invites dipping it, so I don't really see much of a reason to go Samurai 1/Monk x, except for Warrior Poet to flurry a finessable reach weapon.

It is possible to flurry with any melee weapon in the game, but it is very feat hungry - four feats, or five if you aren't already proficient from a class.

Been thinking about the weapon modification thing more. A ucMonk doesn't care about a weapon being exotic, so long as its a monk weapon. So if you take Weapon Adept:Versatile Design that would make any weapon that you use versatile design to add to the monk fighter group...hmm...

monk fighter group =/= monk weapon property. This might not work at all. I'm sure someone will come along and defend it. In 3...2...1...

Meirril wrote:
You could also modify a katana to be a monk weapon, which would allow a monk to use it in a flurry of blows

No. A Monk weapon (per the description in the CRB) is a weapon with the monk special property. Versatile Design only changes the weapon group, which alone doesn't do anything (only feats and class features that explicitly say "group" are effected). In order to flurry with the weapon, you need Weapon Focus, Ascetic Style, and Ascetic Form; plus Modified Weapon Proficiency or Weapon Adept.

Meirril wrote:
This might not work at all. I'm sure someone will come along and defend it. In 3...2...1...

Quick enough? You actually ninja'd my edit with your post, so I removed the edit again and posted it seperately.

One level of Unchained Monk for Flurry. Then the rest in a Cleric of Tsukiyo. You now get a katana as your favored weapon. Build towards Crusader's Flurry and there you go.

The Sacred Attendant cleric gives up a domain but gains dodge bonuses to AC which would very much shore up your unarmored AC. I theorycrafted a level 5 one of these with Guided Hand and I've got a 19 AC (although no Power Attack yet which kinda hurts).

If there is a deity that has a holy weapon that is a katana a single rank into crusader will give you the ability to unlock crusaders flurry, with no wasted feats. I currently have a greatsword flurrying monk of Smiad....

You know there is the Brawling Blademaster Samurai. Not exactly Flurry of Blows, but it's quite close to U. Monk flurry. It also does get Monk Unarmed Strike damage.

went warrior poet, might use the crusader idea later, but the end results were a 31 Ac and a +15 to BAB

and a 50ft move speed with magic boots

spring attack, feint, and mobility to round out the moving around while cutting you idea

i think he came out pretty good tbh

im aware he doesnt have flurry, but he can go to lvl 30 with my DM so, i can still work to it

when i wanted to make my 'swift blade' samurai (using dex to hit and damage with a katana) i ended up fleshing a swashbuckler into it. worked very well.

on that note. a Kata master monk (one level to get to use monk & unarmed weapons for swashbuckler stuff) then going into whirling dervish swashbuckler would let you use dex for damage, have monk's wis ac and use cha for panache. flurry with unarmed or monk weapons using dex to hit and damage. and by level 8 (monk 1/ swashbuckler 7) you get the 'Whirlwind Dance' deed that let you move and full attack (with all attacks using highest bab and add flurry to boot).
signature deed once your at level 12+ will make this not even cost a panache point (i'll also take one for hte blinding deed for full attacking + movement that can blind your targets).

also you'll be adding all swashbuckler levels to damage via Precise Strike deed

for katana you might need something to be able to count it as a monk weapon (or just go for temple sword)

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