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I'm curious, did everyone else's party just kill Carr and move on? Reading the section, I didn't see anything about Carr actually attacking the party intentionally, so I just had him try to grab onto the party and ask to come with them. Despite the continuous debuff and a few accidental silences, my players felt too bad for the poor thing and ended up taking him with them, even shelling out for a cap of disguise to hide him in plain sight. Now they're hitting level 7 and considering him as a potential Leadership cohort.

My players just killed Carr but identified it as an attic whisperer. one of them was very curious as to why this thing was there, especially since it talked a bit to them and told them its name. He hasn't drawn the connection between Carr and Carrius, though.

My players failed to identify it, which made one of them hateful/fearful of the thing, three players a combination of curious and fearful, and one player very protective of it which happened to be the fighter with the most combat prowess out of everyone in the party. He picked it up and held it through much of the Palace of Birdsong, flicking at it when it would bite him and rocking it when it didn't until it generally stopped (though it kept trying every ten minutes or so). He lost his voice, but never tried to tell the party and was just fine taking the penalties for carrying it and losing a hand in combat since his AC was really high and he just fought defensively to offset not using a shield. He planned to keep it forever, and while one player figured out it was undead, they also knew it was at least semi-intelligent and didn't want to utterly destroy it (especially not with the fighter protecting it). This led to one of the players calling it the party's "Cubone" and it seemed like they were going to adopt it.


When the fighter stepped up to fight the training dummy upstairs and was badly wounded, the party witch/stargazer used her combo of scar and heavens leap to teleport him to safety (AKA, jesters jaunt). This left Carr between the party and the training dummy with its turn being next, something no one had considered before the training dummy attacked and promptly destroyed the challenger closest to it.

My party wanted to keep it and were stunned when it was destroyed. I don't know how they've come to feel about it, as they kinda ended up needing to move on. With the exception of the fighter, they've all just kinda shrugged it off... the fighter, on the other hand, hasn't really seemed initially crushed but seemed to just accept it as "probably for the best"

My PCs were more freaked out by the "Terrifying Duchess" and the "Nightmare monster from the night of the Jubilee," they failed to identify the Attic Whisperer, but tried to get information out of it until it life-drained the rogue, at which point they smashed the thing to pieces. It was excellent for atmosphere, though - crying from the next room during the whole Duchess fight.

One of my PCs, a kitsune with Fox Shape, investigated the Royal Apartments ahead of the group during a normal stay in Lotheedar. Carr was under the blankets when he entered that room, but he heard the sobbing and felt the effects of it, so he was spooked. But he was looking for the teleportation circle so he moved on.

After encountering and running away from Ehlers, he ran into Carr who was woken by the noise of Ehlers trying to kill the intruder and noticed that he was sort of pathetic.

When the whole party went in, Carr wasn't aggressive, and so they didn't have a reason to attack. They talked to him and tried to figure out what was going on. The paladin was interested in taking him away and seeing if something could be done to soothe what was clearly a distressed and broken soul.

Their conversation moved towards Ehlers. Carr said he was scared of the monster. The kitsune asked "The monster in the other room?" Carr replied, "The monster right behind you."

Ehlers had snuck up on them with invisibility and then crit Enervation on the paladin.

The fight was super dangerous with that, Carr cowering in a corner. In the end, I had Eutropia order Carr destroyed by a Cleric, and she explained the situation with Carrius's death and what happened with Carr based on the notes from the lab. Her sadness that the party saw as she explained will help set up the Twilight Child, I think. They're only just about to start that.

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They killed him... but in the end with the way I had built up his neighbor in the story (with supplemental stories) it broke their hearts to kill them. I really twisted the knife on that one.

I had a paladin in my group who easily identified it as an attic whisperer. When the thing started to try and suck out their voices the party was attacked by the Duchess at the same time. Needless to say, both creatures didn't make it out alive, but my party at least knew what it was.

I only revealed later (Book 5) that Carr was an amalgamation of souls and a first attempt at raising Carrius. Long-story short, paladin met his long-lost mother who was a lesser angel and learned that the gods had been concerned about souls being diverted from the River. They pointed out Carr as an amalgamation of those stolen children souls. I had other people in the party have someone they knew have lost a child or miscarried, but in reality those souls had been stolen to feed this early, early attempt of the Immaculate Circle to raise Carrius.

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