Occultist Baliff's Chalice Sacred Implement Soul Collector



I've got a 7th level Occultist with the Baliff's Chalice Sacred Implement that I'm thinking of developing into a soul collector type character. Since the Baliff's Chalice only captures and holds an opponent for a short period of time, would a permanency spell make this permanent since it's a special ability and not a spell. Seems to me like it would. I'd like to hear your thoughts or maybe other ideas to make this happen. Thanks!


I don't think it works.

First because it's not a spell.

Second because even if permanency has a list of effects that it works with, and this ability isn't kne of them.

Also generally the Occultist is a little unknown, so it's often worth linking or quoting what you're asking about (I love the Occultist, but it's something a lot of people haven't read/understood).

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