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How does Giant Fly ("After acting, shuffle this monster into a random other location" ) interact with being in a siege pile? Does it really get shuffled into a location (which removes it as a menace and in essence gives you an extra "siege hit point"), or does "other location" implies that this power only triggers if the Fly Comes from a location in the first place?

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It gets shuffled into a location other than your current location.

I can get the precise rules if you want, but the Siege/Defensive Stance rules indicate to treat monsters as if they came from your own location (hence why the 'other' makes sense). Giant Fly certainly isn't alone in having an effect which effectively gives you extra siege hit points; Mummy's Mask had Rolling Sphere, Burning Child and others.

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Thanks. I figured as much, but we had a table argument, so I wanted to get an outside opinion.

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If you defeated Giant Fly, the After Acting applies and you shuffle it into a random location other than your current one.

If you did not defeat Giant Fly, it shuffles back into the siege deck as Defensive Stance's "After the encounter, unless it is defeated or displayed, shuffle it back into the siege deck." overrules the Giant Fly's AA power per the Golden Rules.

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