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So I thought about making a list of nightmares for the nightmare spell in case you have someone cast it and have to make one up on the fly. Feel free to add ones you had in real life if they would make sense (e.g a dream about an evil computer wouldn't make sense, unless you live in Numeria maybe)

1. A weird "contagious" polymorph effect is turning people into a certain animal or object, you know soon you will be morphed as well.

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2) "Tell my wife that I'll return within the month, the recent loss of face mended. Also - I apologize, I really should learn the better spell - your teeth have fallen out and your trousers are gone."

(My NE wizard wanted to send a message back home, but only had the Nightmare spell. He figured his manor's gardener was the sturdiest of his staff)

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3. They are alone in their home when they hear an infants cry. investigating it, they find it coming from their own bedroom, where they see the covers of their bed moving as though a baby rocking back and forth within while crying. When they pull back the covers they find it is actually a large spider . it doesn't attack, it simply sits in the bed, rocking and crying.

4. You awake on a ship to the screams of others. You get out of bed and notice the floor is wet and the ship is sinking. You run for the door but it is locked. the voices of your party can be heard and you cry out for help. They don't respond and soon they are distant and gone. The water is rising and the candle light goes out. The water is cold and up to your chest as the room tilts and the door is now above you. you are running out of room and know it is your end. All you can do now is wait for the ocean to take you.

5. This one's kinda cliche but would still work: you are being chased by something bad (monsters, bad people, etc) but can't seem to get away (treat as you would a normal chase scene, but don't tell them it's a dream and have all checks to "navigate" and the like automatically fail.) As soon as whatever it is catches up to them, they wake up.

6. The udon turns out to be your dining partner's still-attached entrails.

7. You find yourself trapped in a crystal, and see your body go to your party and they accept it as you even as you know it is simething evil possessing it.

8. [For melee DPS types] You face a bunch of minions, and every single attack you make either misses or only glances. The minions then start to ignore you.

9. [For arcane casters] You see a bunch of enemies coming at your party. You know you have just the right spell for them. You go to cast it and find your spell component pouch is missing.


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10. You are a paladin. You find a goblin baby.


11. A friend/relative/lover/whatever of the character has something horrible happen to them (such as being murdered or being about to get executed for something they didn't do), and while the dreamer is suitably horrified, everyone else (including the other party members) just act like it's no big deal and even get annoyed at the dreamer, as if he was having a fit over losing a copper piece. (This one's more sad than scary but still disturbing.)

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