What missions are skill check oriented?

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Hi all,

I recall having played Bid on Alabastine, which featured one easy combat, and the rest of the mission skill checks of a variety of different skills.

Thus it made me wonder, what other missions are there in PFS, that are similar in that focus lies more on skills than on combat?

It would make a refreshing change of pace for a group i GM for.

Thanks in advance.

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Library of the lion is a biggie

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In general, skill challenges become a significant feature from season 5 onwards. During season 6/7 some people who were used to dumping intelligence complained about the "year of the skill check", but nowadays we're used to it.

This coincides with the reign of John Compton as chief editor for PFS, who has a definite idea about what a good scenario looks like. He prefers a good mix of skill and combat challenges, so that both the people who like a good fight have a good time, and the people who get a kick out of talking their way past trouble instead of fighting it.


Not many are ourely skill based but some are much heavier on the skills than others.

Bronze House Reprisal is basically a mission impossible scenario.
Champions Chalice 1 is a survival course/mud run.
In the Grandmasters Name is heavily skill orientated.
Hellknights Feast is heavily social.
Valley of the Veiled Flame is a missing persons investigation.
Tapestry Trial is mostly investigation and social stuff.
Test of Tar Kuata is very skill based.

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I'd repost under the GM Discussion forum.

Scenario reviews commonly list the type of adventure. You can search and sort those using keywords.

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as with most things in PFS, this can often be heavily influenced by who the judge is, and how they what to play today... and by the play style of the players at the table.


The Disappeared is mostly a stealth/infiltration run, which leads to skill checks. This is a classic scenario from Season 4.

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