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The Ritualist prestige class from the Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends is really cool, as I've been wanting to play an occult ritual-focused character for a while. Its fifth level ability, expedited rituals, reads thusly:

Expedited Rituals (Su):
At 5th level, once per day when beginning to cast a ritual as the primary caster, a ritualist can decide to cast the ritual as an expedited ritual. The DCs of an expedited ritual’s skill checks increase by half the ritual’s level (rounded down). However, the ritualist can cast the ritual as soon as its casters succeed at the requisite number of skill checks rather than waiting for the ritual’s full casting time to elapse. A ritual can be both cautious and expedited, but the penalties stack.

The confusion that I'm having comes from the fact that the level of the ritual is equal to the number of checks required, and the casting time is equal to 10 minutes, or 1 hour, times the ritual level.

Creating Occult Rituals:
The number of skill checks the ritual requires is equal to the level of the ritual, and the base DC of the skill checks needed to complete a ritual is 28 + the ritual level.

Casting Occult Rituals:
Casting an occult ritual requires at least 10 minutes per ritual level and sometimes as long as 1 hour per ritual level. One of the casters—either the primary caster or a secondary caster who the primary caster specifies—attempts one of the skill checks required by the ritual every 10 minutes of the casting, unless the ritual takes 1 hour per caster level, in which case the caster attempts the check every hour of the ritual.

If you have to make one skill check per time period, what benefit does the expedited rituals class ability give? Do we just assume that the very last skill check is performed at the very beginning of its 10-minute casting block and you get to shave off those last 10 minutes?

You only have to succeed at 1/2 the skill checks in a ritual to succeed: "If more than half the skill checks for an occult ritual are successful, the ritual succeeds". Assuming all the skill checks are successful, you get it off in 1/2 the time...

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