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So I was looking at other options on being "the party healer," and I came across the feat Incredible healer, which made me wonder if using the heal skill could be a viable way to provide healing. So enter the doctor:

So far what I've found is a few feats: incredible healer, healer's hands, acupuncture specialist, and the heal skill unlock.

Incredible healer: heal an amount = your skill roll.
Healer's hands: Treat deadly wounds as a full round action once per level per day.
Acupuncture specialist: Remove curse with a heal check.
Heal skill unlock: heals ability damage too

Plus some traits: clockwork surgeon, precise treatment, friendless
clockwork surgeon: add int to healing
precise treatment: use int instead of wis for heal skill
friendless: use heal skill on yourself

the phantom thief archetype of urogue seems the best base for a educated doctor character and gives skill unlocks earlier.

In combat healing is limited to 1 use/level/day, which seems like it might be kinda rough, but the amount of healing is going to be pretty decent. 1st level would heal something like 5-7, 2nd level 6-9, 3rd level 8-13, 4th level 12-17 plus 2 ability damage. Then 5th level it gets amazing at something like 30-49 plus 2 ability damage. By 10th level we're looking at healing somewhere around 60-75hp + 6 ability damage.

So, would you feel comfortable with a doctor patching you up, or would you prefer a classic cleric? It seems viable on paper, but I can definitely see people feeling nervous about waiting till they're badly injured before getting a big heal back to full. The doctor lacks little heals or any aoe healing except for umding consumables.

I couldn't find any heal skill related magic items that are at all worthwhile. Any other options other there to make the heal skill viable?

The healers satchel is far and away a perfect buy.

Cheap and amazing.

I have some mundane healers! Tons of fun in my case.
Uh if you go to reddit and look up Heal skill unlock you'l probably find that temporary hp build somewhere.

Some random extras.
Trepanation. This lets you do a Heal check for curses. posessions enchantment stuff. Does take a long time though.
Siphon Poison. Lets you full round fix a poison.
pathologistt: requries incredible healer. The user can use your heal check instead of saving throw for dieasesa/poison instead of the +4.
Skill Unlock. Heal.

I also have random list of items.

Healer's Gloves +5 comp on heal
bloodblock. Alch tool. +5 alch bonus to heal, ends bleed. replaces healer kit
Healer's Satchel from Healer's handbook
Boline. Tools. Lets you use 1 use of healer kit not 2.
Curative Myrrh. Alch remedy. Boosts reasing or long term care by 1HP/lv
Vest of Surgery. unlimied healer kit. 1/day ability damage healing
Bandages of Rapid REcovery. 1/use item helps normal healing faster. (can techincally game it by injurying yourself. If you have a lot of ability damage to heal through)
Healer's Burning Glass. +5 circ bonus. 1/day Regen.

Not all of this stack of course. Conduit Healer's Hand is the strongest option. It also combines with other ones fairly well. I dont' remember off hand, but I think it combined well with Skill Unlock heal at higher levels, to full round action treat deadly wounds someone-but they recieve restoration as if they had rested for a rather long while.

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I was looking for a standard 2,500gp +5 to heal item and couldn't find it. Huh, and it's just in the UE. Thanks.

Vest of surgery was the good old item, but it's obsolete with the skill unlock. Also the clockwork surgeon trait basically gives you free healer's kits, and healers hands makes you not even need one.

I looked at the healer's satchel, but it doesn't seem to be worth it for a int based doctor who isn't going to be able to fail a heal skill after 3rd level. I didn't notice the restore 1 ability drain option before though, that'd be something she couldn't otherwise do.

Pathologist looks fantastic, free remove disease and remove poison. Will have to work that in to the build.

Healer's hand is what I was basing the build off to get be able to have in combat heals. It might even stack with clockwork surgeon to make them a standard action instead of full round.

I looked at trepanation before but, drilling into people's heads to give them some +2 save bonuses, I duno about that one.

Clockwork is hard if your GM is using the religion/regin stuff (i forget which it is).

But it does not make the full round into a standard. While it is conventially thought of as standard + move = full round. Techincally speaking in the rules, it is an either or situation. For instance you can't have a pathfinder chroncler give you both a standard and a move, and get two full round actions. The rules don't say you exchange them. The rules say you can take a full round actoin, but then can not take any other action except swift /immediate. So its an or clause basically rather than an exchange.

Though if you're at a home game. Go for it ask the GM.

I like vest of surgery because it is basically a 1/day free ability damage restore. Which, will save you treatments per day for actual HP and such. Until higher levels, you can't heal that much ability damage via skill unlock.
Skill unllock heal only interacts with ability damage at lv 5, 15 and 20.
At level 5 you heal as if resting (not long term care) for a full day. I.e. 2 points of ability score damage per usage. At lv 15 rested for 3 days (not long term care) so 6 points ofability damage per use. Lv 20 3 days + long term care (3x(4)=12) for 12 damage.

Might be just my games, but when ability damage shows up, it shows up hard. If you're the primary healer, then you won' want to use your fairly limited resources on just ability damage when it crops up.
Even accounting for a ring of sustenence+staying up all night to do long term care for the afflected (to eeek out abit more healing) a few bad rolls, or a few spells will deplete your quick treatments per day.

Additionally, having a vest of sugery, means youu'll always have a med kit. Which you in fact will need for curses, poisons, dieseases, long term care, first aid. Also useful for random tool needs honestly. Random small knife. Matters less at later levels sure, but if you're mostly low magic its always good to have a "Oh, i would have X because it makes sense its in a med kit"

Also would need some sort of plan for Drain. I ultimately never really had one past "kill that stuff first"

I think the psychic stuff is only useful if you're pulling the TONS O TEMP HP style buffing.

I've been playing a druid with healer's hands and...it is so not a cleric. At level one, you can heal 1 person during combat if you can make the DC 20 to get the 1 point of healing. What I really need to make is DC 25 to add wis, and you'll want DC 30 to add Int. Lets also not forget that a healer's kit costs 50gp and that is a tough purchase to make at 1st level. Especially if you can't run to town to make purchases.

A first level cleric gets as many channels as a high level cleric. Sure the amount it heals is small, but a little healing over the entire party is huge at low levels.

Once you get the heal unlock at 10th level Healer's Hand will be amazing, but before that non-magical healing is iffy. Channel is that powerful and I feel lots of people underestimate it.

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So clockwork surgeon gives you a free healer kit you can restock for 10GP. It also lets you straight up add int to your treat deadly wounds healing, so it'll be 5HP at first. +wis if make a 20, and +tanks in planes if make a 30. At 1st level I'd have 1r+3+1trait+4int+2kit+1refined ed = +12

Phantom thief also gives the skill unlocks at levels 4, 7, 10, 14.

Occult heal unlock would let you remove afflictions.

What's missing is removing negative levels. I'm thinking investing in umd will be a must for such things.

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