Frenemy in the Party


One of the reasons I've always admired Dragon Age is its intra-party banter. But how much is too much when it comes to mocking your fellow party members? I mean, while a bit of a witty repartee can be a good time, enduring constant smack talk can turn an interesting frenemy relationship into full-on hostility. At least, that's been my experience.

This all leads to my question: In your own games, do you prefer having everyone in the party be friends and get along famously? Or do you like a little antagonism between PCs?

Comic for illustrative purposes.

Reminds me of a Dragon Age game I was in a while ago that consisted of a Dalish supremist, a City Elf mage, and a Tevinter solider. Party was about as dead on arrival as it gets.

Anyway, these days when I GM I say out front party members need to know each other in some manner and get along at their core. Just easier to keep the game flowing than trying to get the above DA party to work together rather than a) kill each other or b) immediately disband at first chance.

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It's too much when it diminishes another player's fun. Special campaigns notwithstanding, I think a character unfit for working well in a team is a character unfit for play. Thus, I would not say something in-character that I wouldn't say to my friends.

On a different note, I think the drow is better dressed and all-around more fashionable than the bard.

Yeah, it all depends. your question is as complicated as people. I've played with aggressive banter that was great fun. I've played with people catching feelings over nothing, I've played with legit backstabbing and managed to have fun in spite of it.

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