Magic Missile with fire damage from a Bard (using the Fire Music feat)


I've got two ideas for a Bard that shoots flaming Magic Missiles with the Fire Music feat. I've got two ideas

1. Bard with the Flame Dancer and Flamesinger archetypes and a Ring of Spell Knowledge II. I'd be able to get Magic Missile as 2nd-level spell using a Ring of Spell Knowledge and cast it at Character level 4. Flamesinger gets Fire Magic as a bonus feat at level 1 (and the Summon Monster spells as bonus spells).

2. Sorcerer Draconic/Solar(Crossblooded) 1 and Bard 4 with the Magician archetype. I can get Magic Missile as a Bard spell at level 2, but I'd need 5 ranks in Spellcraft and a fire spell in a non-Bard arcane class to qualify for Fire Music. This build would also net me an extra +2 damage on any spell with the fire descriptor that I cast. Fire Music gives the fire descriptor to any spell it alters. But, this wouldn't come online until Character level 5 because of the 5 ranks in Spellcraft needed.

I guess my question is, between the Magician and Flamesinger archetypes, which one is more useful to a party? I'm leaning toward number for the damage, but Bards don't really get that many spells per day.

So you are trying to build a Bard Blaster effectively

As you are limited on spells per day, you are going to need max Charisma I think, AKA a Race with a +2 CHA

You can get the dice to +3. Crossblooded (Pick 2: Draconic/Orc/Solar) and take the Blood Havoc Bloodline Mutation (If you are allowed it)

Personally, I would take

Human Crossblooded Sorcer 1/Flamesinger & Dancer Bard 4

Even if Blood Havoc stacked with Crossblooded (which is debatable), Blood Havoc would be pointless because it only affects spells you cast as a Sorcerer. So since you're casting Magic Missile as a Bard, it's not relevant.

This doesn't seem like an amazing investment...At level 5, you'll have two of these Magic Missiles per day. Let's even assume you have a caster level of 5 from one of a few methods, then you'll be firing off three magic missiles for (1d4+3)*3, or 21 maximum damage (16.5 average), and you'll get to do that 2 times a day at level 5.

It's a neat trick for sure, but I question whether it's ultimately worth it.

See if you can work Flumefire Rage into your build. Skald's can cast bard spells just as well, and able to do so while in a 'rage' (rage song). Skald/Crossblooded Sorcerer might be .. interesting.

(This is gor PFS. I should have mentioned that in the beginning. The character is going to start at level 2.)

I'll look into Skald. I'm not that familiar with them.

As for the overall power of the build, I'm aware that it's not extremely powerful, Magic Missile's strength is that it never misses.

That said, I'm leaning towards Magician just because it will give me access to other arcane casters' spells at higher levels.

The plan is to go human and take Spell Focus (evocation) and Varisian Tattoo (evocation) at level 1. I'll probably take Shield or Obscuring Mist as my sorcerer spell and buy a Page of Spell Knowledge (Magic Missile) to use my sorcerer slots to fight. I also plan on taking the traits Gifted Adept and Secrets of the Impossible Kingdom to give my Magic Missile and extra 2 caster levels. This will put my sorcerer-based Magic Missile at CL4. Can someone think of a way to get 1 more caster level (other than another level of Sorcerer or the Bloatmage Initiate feat)?

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If you can get your INT to 13, Spell Specialization will do the trick. And doesn't Magician Bard bump caster level?

AoN suggests alchemical reagents are PFS-legal. Get a 350 gp fire fragment and use it as a focus for +1CL on spells which do fire damage.

I totally forgot about Spell Specialization. I'll go with that over Varisian Tattoo at level 1, since I need Spell Focus, anyway. I'll take Varisan Tattoo at level 3, giving my new Bard-based Magic Missile a CL7 when I pick it up.

avr wrote:
AoN suggests alchemical reagents are PFS-legal. Get a 350 gp fire fragment and use it as a focus for +1CL on spells which do fire damage.

The way I read that is that it only works for spells which require a material component or focus; for instance, you'd replace the bat guano with this fire fragment. I'm genuinely intrigued now because my interpretation may not be the "canon" one.

Also, being a Gnome with the Pyromaniac alternate racial trait would bump CL as long as the MM is a fire one.

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