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Having a hard time finding players for Pathfinder in my area. Everybody wants to play that durn 5e and I am NOT interested. I GM my own games and I’ already subscribed to second edition.

What are some good ways to try to find players in my area? I tried and found one player.

Also, not too interested in the online stuff like roll20. I prefer face to face, social get to know people time.

Thank you in advance for any help y’all can give me!

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One way I was successful in finding players was joining Pathfinder Society. I know that may not be your ideal type of game, but try to see it as a means to an ends. I was able to meet a good number of players and find ones compatible with my playstyle. Now, I have two great home groups and dont even attend PFS anymore.

Good luck!

Pan, thank you for the advice. I went to the FAQ and read a bit, then I stumbled upon registration for organized play, so I have a number. I am going to download the guide and check it out, then I’ll create an event. Thank you so much! I hope I have some luck. I sure can’t understand the 5e craze going around. To each their own I suppose.

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