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I couldn't find the answer to this in the FAQs (please let me know where I need to look)

I understand that PFS scenarios are written for 6 players with adjustments for 4

Can credit be given for them if they are run with less (say 3). Or do they only count if 4-6 people play?

I want to try and actually build up some PFS credit when second edition gets launched but I imagine my group will only play PFS scenarios when down a player. So I would like to know if it is a non-starter

I assume it would not count...

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It's in the PFS Guild Guide. The GM needs to run a pre-gen character if there are only 3 players.

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This should be in the Guide somewhere, and I’m certain that someone will come along with a link shortly. (I’m on mobile.)

You can play a legal game with 3 players and add a pre-gen of appropriate level to be the 4th PC. You cannot play a legal game with only 1 or 2 players.

On the high side, you can go up to 7 players, but 8 is not legal.

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3 Second Ninja!

Thanks. I will need to dig up this Guild Guide
I am sure I read it a while back when first looking to run scenarios

Although I imagine there will be something new centralised for the second edition?

I am looking to that as I am assuming there will be far fewer exceptions and things not allowed!

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Christian, two threads in a row!

Lanathar, yes, there will be a new guide for the second edition campaign. I don’t know if we’ve heard an ETA, but it will have to be sometime before GenCon!

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HERE is the Guide.

There will probably be a separate one for second edition. Things like how many people per scenario, how do subtiers work, that is all going to be slightly different, a separate document per edition makes more sense. It's why Starfinder has its own guide as does the card game.

In PFS1, scenarios were originally (seasons 0-3) written for 4 people but you're allowed to play with up to 6. From season 4 onwards, scenarios are written for 6 people with instructions on how to scale down the difficulty if you have only 4 people.

In all cases you need at least 4 PCs, preferably no more than 6, 7 PCs is supposed to be something that only happens if your planning goes wrong and you'd otherwise have to send someone home. You should never schedule for 7 people. (It's also just not that fun, the game really works better with a smaller group.)

If you have only 3 players, you can add an NPC pregen character to the group to fill it out. In theory it's under the control of the GM, but the GM often delegates it to the players. People tend to take a pregen that does something the group doesn't have yet (Kyra gets taken along a lot as healer), or that's really little work to administer (Zadim is sooo sweet and straightforward).

Another option to fill up a table is with people replaying for no credit. Normally you can play each scenario only once, but if the table needs more warm bodies to be legal, you can replay, but you won't earn any rewards. The reward will be a fun afternoon with friends who can play because you help make the table :)

Thanks . Too many players is sadly never going to be my issue. Not enough interest or players where I am!

Good to know about the pregen thing though

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