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Hello everyone.

I'm (hopefully) going to play in a PbP campaign here on the forums. The GM is going to run Strange Aeons and I came up with a concept, an half-elf inquisitor.

Although I've already created his character sheet on HeroLab there are still some points about this concept I have to figure out. Like, I'm still unsure about which deity between Desna and Pharasma he should serve, or what role he should cover in the party (I tend toward either a caster inquisitor or a finesse/TWF one).

What I'm asking for with this thread is: can you guys help me fleshing out this character concept?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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@OP: You'll have to give us the bones of your concept before we can help you flesh it out.

Here's my Inquisitor PC, Vargri Grimvisage, who is probably very different from your concept:

Vargri Grimvisage is a Lawful Neutral human (but that's not important) Inquisitor of the Lawful Good deity Erastil. Vargri has the Monster Tactician archetype [link to Monster Summoning Guide]. Vargri is a travelling magistrate (combined civil judge & police detective) who moonlights with the Pathfinder Society. Vargri has a reputation as a fair and honest judge, and he maintains strong social ties to his community.

Vargri is strong, athletic, and a dedicated martial artist. Vargri is primarily a powerful melee fighter who uses spells for enhancement and utility. Vargri dipped one level of Brawler. Vargri's feats are all combat related and climax with Whirlwind Attack [Core feat]. Vargri's cleric domain is the under-rated Plant(Growth) subdomain. Vargri's preferred weapon is the longspear. When using Instant Weapon Vargri instead fights with a lucerne hammer that does force damage.

Vargri's combat tactics are twofold:
* Before foes get close Vargri uses his Standard Action on whatever: perhaps cast a spell, ready an action, or Summon Monster-X, reach cleric style. Fish for AoOs. He sometimes Enlarges as a Swift Action such that he threatens foes who are 15' and 20' away, or possibly activates Bane instead. This is area-denial style battlefield control: foes who move will draw an AoO. This protects allies and shuts down foes in his 50' diameter zone of control. This is one way a PC can get multiple attacks during the GM's turn.

* Whirlwind Attack gets multiple attacks during the PC's turn. Combined with a 5' step, Improved Unarmed Attack from Brawler, and swift action Enlarge, Vargri can deliver one attack against most foes within 30'. Vargri gained access to Whirlwind Attack at 5th Level via Brawler's Cunning & Martial Flexibility. An alternate and/or dip is one level of Fighter (Spear Fighter).

Each round Vargri typically gets one or two full-BaB attacks against most every foe within 30'. Attacks typically hit for ~20 hp without Bane or ~30 hp with Bane. Activating Bane competes with Enlarge for Vargri's swift action. Vargri's damage sometimes spikes to triple digits.

Vargri can attack at 20' reach, so he tries to stay far enough away from foes to avoid taking their full attacks. This mitigates incoming damage from multi-attack foes.

Favorite choices for Teamwork Feat with Solo Tactics are Paired Opportunists or Tandem Trip.

Except when on perilous quests, Vargri walks around completely unarmed. 2nd level Inquisitor spell Instant Weapon eliminates the need to walk around in daily life carrying a bulky reach weapon.

Your Inquisitor may differ.

Having played Strange Aeons, the inquisitor I would want to play in it would be an Inquisitor of Shyka, Sworn of the Eldest (with the madness domain.)

Unlike all other APs, this is one where "work with the GM to come up with character concepts" is extremely important, because of the fugue state thing requiring a player to lack certain important information about their characters- you literally start not knowing who you are, where you are, or why you are there.

Half-elf inquisitor. It's not a lot to build on with just those words. Is he an inquisitor because Dad was a love them and leave them guy and he wants to show people that there are consequences to their actions - or because he wants to emulate Dad? Or perhaps it was a good relationship and the parents are still traveling together (Desna), or the human parent got too old to travel easily and settled down, reminding the elven parent of death with their aging so they broke up (Pharasma).

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As someone running book 5 of Strange Aeons, I would say that a character worshipping Desna would be more thematic to large portions of the AP than one worshipping Pharasma. There are some direct and indirect links to Desna that a GM would probably appreciate.

As to your specific character, as others have said, you haven't really given us much to go on :)

Something more about my concepts:

Inquisitor of Desna:

A band of adventurers saved him from being sacrificed during a ritual. After unsuccessfully searching for his real parents the cleric of the group decided to give up his life of adventures to raise him.
The boy grew up home-schooled, with his foster father teaching him everything about Desna, how to fight, how to use his guile and holy powers to infiltrate and destroy evil cults.
Two years ago the young man decided finally to leave his home to experience the world and root out evil cults wherever he might find them.

Inquisitor of Pharasma:

Nothing. I have nothing in mind about this character. Everything I could think about is his aversion for the undead, but I don't think would either useful or thematic for this AP.

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Inquisitors are amazing because you can make practically any build or style of character work. Two handed weapon smasher, ranged DPS, caster, finesse fighter all are viable trees to build from. Of course, it also can lead to option paralysis.

Without knowing a lot more about what you're doing, might I direct you to the Inquisitor's symposium.. It's basically an encyclopedia for Inquisitors and has more information than you'll know what to do with, but check out the fighting styles and domain chapters for some suggestions.

Hopefully this helps a little bit.

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