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Hi folks,

My latest order, 7921800, is showing Hellknight Hill part 1 on the packing list. Per my prior communication with you, I wanted to unsubscribe from the Adventure Paths to end with Tyrant's Grasp. Weirdly, I also got notification today also that my subscription had indeed been cancelled -- but both my pending orders in my account info and the email confirmation I received still shows Hellknight Hill pending shipment with my other books. I know you did say to be sure the AP got "unstuck" from my subscription orders, but it looks like whatever you did to cancel the subscription did not cancel the order of that particular book. I would rather not pay for a book I didn't want to order, so your prompt attention to this would be appreciated. (Indeed, this sort of problem is why I normally don't use subscription services, and Paizo has been a rare exception for many years. I hope the issue can be resolved so that I feel safe subscribing to other lines in the future.) Thank you very much (especially as I know you've got a LOT to work on shipping right now!).

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Hello DeathQuaker!

It looks like Diego took care of this for you, but if anything else comes up, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your patience!

- Virginia

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