Hey everyone. I've been playing a lot of Dota Underlords, and the Anti Mage character in the game has warglaives that are not that dissimilar from those the Illidari use in Warcraft.

I was wondering if someone has seen or done a custom weapon for them, or if something like this exists in Pathfinder. I can think of a couple of cool builds to roll with it. Best I can come up with is to dual wield small double swords as a medium character, but I imagine someone, somewhere has found something better.

If something like this does exist, can you link or share the stats of it?

weaponmasters handbook has weapon creation rules

...I thought I was walking into a cool discussion about polearms. But it turns out, this is a "1980's movie" style of 'glaive'. I am sad now.

...ok, getting over that. It is hard to imagine making anything that would mechanically use its nature as a double weapon while also being TWF. Wouldn't that be...4 ends?

It is easier to just have daggers with stabbing slashy bits at the end as an aesthetic feature.

I googled this, not knowing what it was and it's basically half a starknife, but with bigger blades.

Not sure why it's called a glaive though, that's confusing since a glaive is basically a sword on a pole.

I blame Blizzard for the name. Illidan Stormrage wielded them, and the weapons just look cool. I thought it might be fun to have a character than can wield them.

As for small double swords, I wouldn't imagine getting 4 attacks with them, only one attack per weapon. I will keep looking I guess...

I'd call it a scimitar, with the cleave boost of the double bitted dwarf waraxe and the "as light weapon" of sawblade sabres

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It originated from the fantasy movie Krull, though the glaive in that movie was fairly small. In addition to the starknife, the hunga munga and chakram are pretty close to what you want.

I agree that reflavoting the starknife, hunga manga, and chakram would probably work well.

If using starknife, I will say that this weapon shouldn't count as a starknife (due to how much support the starknife gets, all praise Desna).

Having said that about the starknife, the best possible weapon would probably the Hunga Munga. It's a 3 bladed dagger with many different forms.

Now I am wondering what a peaceglaive would look like...

WagnerSika wrote:
Now I am wondering what a peaceglaive would look like...


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