Just a gnome illusionist


Int > Dex > Cha > everything else

Traits: Magical knack, Charlatan

Illusion specialist, opposing schools necromancy and divination

1 Rogue 1 - Deceptive
2 Wizard 1
3 Wizard 2 - Magic trick (Prestidigitation)
4 Wizard 3
5 Wizard 4 - Skill Focus (Bluff)
6 Wizard 5
7 Wizard 6 - Breadth of Knowledge

So this is an NPC for PCs to interact with. He's CG and I think his schtick is that he's a Robin Hood-ish free-the-slaves / help-the-poor type. And his signature move is to use the Chromatic Savant power granted by his feat to change the color of items as a sign that he's been there. Bright blue oranges, leopard-print roses, the watch dog wakes up a rather lovely blue plaid, you get the idea.

(Pause a moment to check out the Magic Trick feats. They're balanced and they're flavorful as heck. Spending a feat on Magic Trick [Prestidigitation] gives only minor benefits, but it can be a lot of fun.)

He also likes using his Disguise skill -- he's got max ranks in Disguise and Bluff -- to fast-talk his way into places he shouldn't be, or really just for fun. And while it doesn't formally give a bonus to Disguise, he likes suddenly yelling "Palette swap!" and changing the colors of his own clothing. So the guy all dressed in green suddenly becomes a guy all dressed in spotless white except for a bright blue vest, or what have you.

Oh and: he can change the color of "part or all of a living being", and it takes a *month* to gradually fade away. This is an awesome power to use against dishonest merchant, a slaver, or what have you. It allows a save but it's a cantrip, meaning he can just spam it until it works. Of course, it's only 10' range, so he'd have to sneak up close invisibly or whatever. But I like the idea of a gnome Robin Hood who punishes the wicked sheriff or the corrupt priest by turning them bright purple for a month.

Breadth of Knowledge is there to make him useful to the PCs, and also to mix it up: he really knows a lot about a lot of different topics. Bu-ut, he's also chaotic and he likes to tell stories or just lie a lot. And his sky-high Bluff (around +18 or so) means it can be very hard to tell the difference between "he's telling us the true and useful history of the Dungeon of Doom" and "he's spinning a yarn just for funsies". Mind, I don't see him as an *annoying* character -- more like, he's going to be helpful or not, based on his assessment of their characters. And then, true or false, he'll yell "Palette swap", cover himself with zebra stripes or whatever, and wander off.


Doug M.

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