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I’m a little bit confused about the rules for mesmerists. I’m trying to put together a character who is a low-level Monster, specifically a dweomercat cub, which has high CHA and Dex. We don’t get to roll stats, we have to take what’s in the bestiary entry as her stats and go from there. Her STR is terrible, so I’m thinking some kind of spontaneous caster. I thought it would be awkward for her to try to cast spells that have a gestural components since she walks on 4 legs, and when I saw that mesmerists can cast some spells without having to include somatic components even if those are required in the spell’s entry, I was immediately interested in it as a class for this character. However, there seem to be two different mesmerist spell lists, a shorter list that is labeled “psychic spells” and the normal mesmerist list, which includes stuff from the wizard/sorcerer/bard lists.

Which list does the ‘no somatic or verbal components required’ rule apply to, only the list that is specifically psychic spells, only the regular list, or both lists?

Sorry if this is a newbie question, it’s just not really clear to me. I appreciate any help this community can offer!

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Ok, clarification to offer. The shorter list is part of an alternate rule system, so I’ll avoid that. But my question about whether gestures are still required for spells on the main list still stands.

The confusion here comes from psychic being the name of a type of magic and of a character class (and its associated spell list) I think. A mesmerist is a psychic caster by type though not by class name, it uses the rules for thought and emotion components rather than verbal and somatic. No finger wiggling is required for standard mesmerists.

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Mesmerist wrote:
Spells: A mesmerist casts psychic spells drawn from the mesmerist spell list.

While there is a specific Psychic class, this term is also used to describe an entire type of magic.

Psychic spells do not use the same components as Arcane or Divine spells:

  • Verbal components are replaced with Thought components.
  • Somatic components (gestures) are replaced with Emotion components.
  • Material components are still required, but Psychic casters use a slightly different version.

So, Mesmerists do not have to make gestures (or even speak), but may still need to manipulate material components...

Also psychic casters use thought and emotion components over verbal and somantic.

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