Is there a new way to report PFS errors?

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It used to be that, when someone incorrectly logged something for PFS, I could email to get it corrected. Now, however, these emails get ignored. Does anyone know how reporting errors can now be corrected?

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Contact the GM in question and ask them to correct it.

If it's something minor like wrong amount of prestige, I wouldn't bother though - your paper records are the important bit. If it's a dead character or wrong number, I'd definitely pm the GM and ask to correct it.

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Generally your VC should be able to fix reporting errors, but the access scripts have been a little borked of late. As always, if it’s a player credit, the chronicle sheet is the official record so having perfect online records is nothing to obsess over. If it’s a missing table, gather as much info regarding the table as possible and they can recreate the reporting.

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I really wouldn't bother with it. These are a pain to correct.

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We have logged everything sent to, but have had no capacity to fix issues.

It is in the plan to get done, but is one of those things that has slipped through the cracks.

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