Pathfinder 2E Hell's Rebels Player's Guide


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Hello! Sharing the homebrew Hell's Rebel's PG I've come up with so I can DM it for my table once PF2 comes out. I was able to come up with the feats, backgrounds and more with just the Playtest rules and the updates we've been teased about.

I hope ya'll enjoy it and can find it useful, provide feedback, or perhaps use it as a guideline to adapt other AP's Player's Guides. So without further ado, here's the link to my google doc for my Hell's Rebels Player's Guide

This is useful. Mocking up a new deity is good too

What you should factor in is that it seems background now also give training in another relevant skill (in addition to Lore)

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Thank you for sharing Bruno!

I’m also running a 2e hella rebels game, I’m working on converting it over at the moment and if you have any notes or tips they’d be much appreciated!

What do you think a good replacement would be for the Elixirs oF Hiding in the Moderate cache that Hetamon can provide?

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Thanks Bruno.
As my players are craving for Hell's Rebels, this is really helpful, especially as I have not yet fully grasped/read P2.
Any other conversion are more than welcome!

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