Pathfinder 1st edition doesn't exist anymore?

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I wonder why a link to Pathfinder 1st edition rules redirect to 2nd Edition? Pathfinder 1st doesn't availiable anymore?

This is where you talk about what link to where

On this site? Archives of Nethys? Somewhere else?

Yeah, you've not given us much to go on. It this a link from a Paizo web page?

There are certainly still two major sources of rules for PF1, and These two have pretty much always been the major online rules source for PF1, aside from when Paizo had hosted the rules on their website. A while back they actually announced that Archives of Nethys, aonprd, was becoming the official rules source host.

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Claxon wrote:
A while back they actually announced that Archives of Nethys, aonprd, was becoming the official rules source host.

Archives of Nethys is the official rules source host, yes.

It's possible that if the OP has a link they saved somewhere, or that was hyperlinked into a document that hasn't been updated, what's happening is that they click the link and instead of being routed to our in-house PRD (which we no longer host) they're being redirected to the main landing page for the site, which obviously has a lot of PF2 links and banners. This is the site you want to go to if you're looking for our official rules source host.

I'm talking about this link:
Which you can see if you go Pathfinder -> Rulebooks -> First Edition Rulebooks

PS: And I don't need websites with rules. I need rulebooks in pdf.

Sounds like this should be in Website Feedback. Flaggin' for the move.

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In the meanwhile, you can go here to take a look at the 1st Edition rules.

ok. I got it. There is a bug in a link. It should be
Sorry for bothering

Okay, I think I understand the problem now.

Kevil wants to purchase the first edition rulebooks from Paizo.

Following any of the links they've posted, takes you only to the pre-order page for PF2. Trying the links that even specify first edition rule books still ends up taking you to the PF2 pre-order page. So it looks like the link is just pointing to the wrong page.

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Moved to Website feedback forum. We'll get that fixed.

Guys, when Googling, say, Ironfang Invasion Paizo... I don't even get a link to the AP anymore, just the Player's Guide... I'm getting all kinds of websites like Amazon and Walmart trying to sell me your AP though.

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This should now be resolved. Either:

will get you where you need to go, and all links should work.

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