Concealed weapons, Concealed spells, and the Wild West, oh my!

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The PC's are about to go to a town that is highly reminiscent of an old west town (but without cowboy hats), and there's an organization of spies and rogues here called the Minders. One of the PC's backstories causes them to have beef with the leader of this organization because the PC is part of a rival organization of spies called the Blackout Syndicate, and the leader of the Minders named Two Pence is starting to become a serious thorn in their side because he sends assassins and screws with the party from afar and at this current time has even completely supplanted the Blackout Syndicate HQ (forcing the remaining members of the Blackout Syndicate to all go dark). Anywho, the PC's are about to confront this organization head on, and my plan is that a bunch of these spies/rogues are disguised as common people within the old west town and act as "guards" to the entrance to their HQ.

These guys are going to be using all kinds of custom-made concealed weapons and using magical devices to conceal their spells.

So here's my question: what kind of custom-made concealed weapons and magic items can you think of that these guys will be using? Keep in mind that anything they're using will obviously be looted by the PC's.

Spring-loaded wrist sheaths are an obvious one, but they'll also have items that cause Hide Weapon and Hidden Blades spells to be active. As for the spellcasters, they'll be doing Still Spell/Silent Spell. What else?

The delay spell metamagic might be as good as still/silent with the right setup. Stylized spell might be popular too. Delay spell would make sense as a metamagic rod, less so stylized spell.

Precast spells which can be revealed by uncovering items (e.g. (deeper) darkness) are another way of casting without detection. Similarly glyphs of warding, fire traps etc.

If you're willing to go back to old D&D magic items there are creeping glyphs from Paizo or crawling tattoos from WotC.

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IIRC, Ultimate Intrigue has some ideas, not to mention items/spells/class features/feats which could be of use.

depend on the level.
lower levels a summon is always good as it attacks your enemies even if you do not tell it to.
in higher levels the shadow gambit feat can make a real nasty surprise when combined with the 6th level permanent illusions (programed and permanent), and i't versatile too so it can deal p\b\s damage and focus on to hit or save to avoid to tailor it to the target. best part? it's already casted before hand so it doesn't betray the user when activated (my favorite were flocks of big nasty birds, hanging about until they attack)

it can be used with lower level illusions as well, but then you might have to keep concentrating on them to keep their duration. and you can't really have more then one ready.

beside that since were talking rogues and such. you might want to look into traps and the cunning trigger rogue talent.

a funny way to deal untraced attacks is a calamity caller warpriest class ability. bonus points if he look crazy and mumbles 'the end is near!' (although then it's kinda obvious who the one doing the calling might be)

If the illusion is permanent, does the Shadow Gambit feat cause it to go away once it causes damage? Or does it remain permanent and allow subsequent attacks?

it goes away.
from the feat :
" Using this feat immediately ends the figment’s duration."

from magic section about duration:


The energy remains as long as the effect does. This means the spell is vulnerable to dispel magic."

so even permanent duration doesn't always mean 'for ever'

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