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level 3 Solarian is thinking of getting the weapon crystal
Electron, Least
Source Starfinder Armory pg. 49
Level 3; Price 1,430
Damage +1d2 E; Critical —
Bulk —; Special stun
My question is the stun special be able to switch to nonlethal and back to lethal
is that all the damage of the solar weapon or just the crystals +1d2E?

The exact words of the description for that crystal say "adding electricity damage and allowing you to convert all damage dealt to non-lethal".

So, you get the bonus damage no matter what, and you can turn the non-lethal bit on and off.


The shard is much cheaper (280 credits) and gives 1 dmg instead of 1d2, but still grants the stun ability. It's an expensive price tag for a 50% chance of getting 1 extra damage.

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However, the shard can only hold 1 level 1 fusion, the least can hold a level 1 and a level 2 fusion, like for example both a Soulfire Fusion and a Holy Fusion.

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Yeah the real reason you buy solarian crystals is as a vehicle for fusions. Apart from the apocalypse crystal: that one actually turns all of your damage into Force (but still hits KAC and deals with DR). It means that you don't need a L5 fusion eating up your fusion budget in order to have a good answer to incorporeals.

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