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Many significant NPCs will make an appearance at this event at my table. And other tables will have NPCs make a connection with other ones from mine. So, it could be helpful for DMs running this event to have some brainstormed ideas for masks/costumes for major NPCS.

What are some ideas you have for outfits/mask costumes for:

Archbaroness Eldonna Aulamaxa:
Count Auxis Aulorian:
Archbaroness Melodia Delronge:
Baroness Belcara Jarvis: probably not due to her disfigurement, but this is an occasion where it's socially acceptable to wear a mask...
Baron Canton Jhaltero:
Countess Urora Sarini: Some sort of fierce dog motif to court Barzillai Thrune approval?
Count Geoff Tanessen: maybe a military motif?
on Sendi Vashnarstill: perhaps some reference to Arcadia?

Barzillai Thrune: definitely "attending" so would need a mask/outfit
Corinstian Grivenner:
Kyrre Ekodyre:
Tombus Regegious: something to curry favor with the powers that be
Duxotas Vannases Trex:
Tiarise Izoni:
Aluceda Zhol: occurs at night, so could definitely attend and easily leave early or simply use her abilities to escape... I'm thinking some reference to Nidalese culture.

Iylvana Desdoros, headmaster of Alabaster Academy:
Nandy Crissali, owner/operator of rare and arcane bookstore: doesn't seem like the party type, but might make a connection with the party's mage, so need something
Ryk, street meat vendor (N tiefling rogue 1): if needs to be there, probably working on the catering side
Setrona Sabinus, short outgoing owner/operator:
Vespasio Vespam, 5th gen Kintargan: probably attends as a good time to make connections with potential patrons,
Mhelrem Gestaliel: Abadaran priests would probably regard something like this as a major networking opportunity. Would probably draw on Abadaran iconography?
Mialari Docur:
Zachrin Vhast: Shelynites would probably be very tempted to attend a party

Here's what I went with:

Archbaroness Eldonna Aulamaxa: Theater comedy mask, opera dress
Count Auxis Aulorian: Gold mask
Archbaroness Melodia Delronge: stag's mask w/horns
Baroness Belcara Jarvis: simple porcelain mask
Baron Canton Jhaltero: serene fox mask
Countess Urora Sarini: full face mask of Jilia Bainilus, along with her signature cap
Count Geoff Tanessen: in my campaign, sent a retired army blowhard cousin
Baron Sendi Vashnarstill: Arcadian or Ulfen themes

Aluceda Zhol: she went maskless to this party--perhaps a statement that, as a vampire, her human face is her mask.

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Having had a big temple to Aroden in it, I'd imagine there's a decent number of people in the city with some old dead guy's Arodenite vestments in an attic somewhere that see this as a chance to use it for something, then learning their clever idea was thought of by about a dozen other people. This can tie in with the next book.

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