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This question is not about the AP per se. Let me give some info first. I and my Starfinder group just finished and 2nd session, (our group did the roll for ability score so some of my stats my be higher then the norm) In the group we have a Human envoy thats me with a 13 STR, 16 DEX, 13 CON, 14 INT,15 WIS,18 CHA
my theme is Ace Pilot my 1st Envoy Improvisations is Inspiring Boost, there's a Strix Exocortex Mechanic Theme Roboticist from the pactworlds book he's awesome at computers and engineering I'm not sure his ability score (or the other in my group I dont go and spy on there character sheets), a Vesk Soldier Theme Mercenary went the Armor Storm fighting style hes melee focused with hammer fist and will porbably go some of the fist advanced weapons as we level, no clue if hes going power armor or not. And a Kasatha (I think) Mindbreaker Mystic who is doing a build that he fights with 2 handed advanced melee weapons
So Far we have done two sessions at the end of the 2nd session we just got into the drift asteroid, they only hard fights we've had so far was the night club Fusion Queen fighting against the Downside King's, In the fight the Vesk was hurt bad and may have been knocked down (maybe killed) if not for my Inspiring Boost, the 2nd hard fight was on the Acreon fighting the AKATA's that are thru out the ship I dont know if anyone was going to die but I had to Inspiring Boost my 3 teammates we did a 10min rest and paid the 1 resolve to get our stamina back sense at this point were level 2 and my boost wont fully heal stamina yet, before going to the bridge again had to Boost the 3 again during that fight(was able to do Inspiring Boost because of the 10min rest) after the bridge fight we did another reslove point 10 min rest for stamina. On the Drift Rock we had no problem with Clara-247, in area's D3, and D5 the void zombies, D3 i was dumb and went into melee with my tactical sword cane and got my STR damaged by 2, D5 is were we had the problem we were stupid and got are selves bottle neck at the entrance to d5 by the 2 void zombies, again i Inspiring Boosted the 3 and had to mk1 healing serum the mystic or he would have died.
Ok now for my question I was wondering at higher levels if the Envoy with Inspiring Boost I a must for groups? so far for my low level group on are second time playing Starfinder I dont think there would have been a TPK but I do believe I my have saved the mystic from being killed, kind of seems like if we don't have my Envoy there is probably a high chance of a teammate dying or even a TPK in future session's. Does higher levels of play even this out because of the level of available and the credits to buy equipment and also the increased HP and Stamina? And a second smaller question is the envoy's Inspiring Boost the only way to heal stamina in others?,( I think some classes have abilities that they can spend a resolve point to heal there own stamina in combat I think?)

Oh and sorry for the long post if your reading this and also Thank You if you reply your an AWESOME!! peep :-)

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Nothing is a "Must for a group", you just change your strategy. I have never had an Envoy in my group and never noticed the lack of Stamina healing.

Inspiring boost is, as far as I know, the only way to heal someone else's stamina.

It's also one of those things that's really kind of nice to have at early levels. For other players it's like a toughness feat that someone else took for you.

It shouldn't be necessary to get through an adventuring day though.

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