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Hi Paizo Customer Support,
I've been a Pathfinder Adventure Path subscriber now for several months and had no issues with the digital content piece since I started. However, I noticed that I did not get access to the Tyrant's Grasp Part 4: Gardens of Gallowspire PDF. The first 3 books showed up when it shipped, but I received part 4 last month and I know part 5 just shipped and neither is available in my digital content. Could you take a look at this and fix it please?


Nevermind. I randomly checked and I see that the digital content for those two books is, strangely, in a separate area of the Digital Content from the first 3 books of the AP. I just missed them because I was looking in the same area where parts 1-3 were located.

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Mine is listed in a separate area too. Hoping they get that fixed as I like them all in the same list lol.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello GrimaceJD,

Yes, I recently discovered this issue as well. Once the departments that can fix it have some room to breathe, we will try to get those under the same header. Thank you folks for your understanding and patience!

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