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So I'm joining a game that's a bit of gladiatorial combat crossed with professional wrestling, which means that we're as likely to fight humanoids as we are aberrations, monstrous humanoids, and animals

I want to make a lucha libre inspired character that focuses on beating a gentleman with another gentleman.

As far as I've found, most stuff that would allow me to grapple above my weight class doesn't stack with itself and I'm sadly stuck at only being able to grapple huge creatures as a medium luchadore.

What I'm trying to ask is, what can I get so that I may swing a whale at my fellow man?

The Tetori monk archetype's Graceful Grappler ability lets you spend 2 ki points to use their grab ability on any creature larger then themselves. Unfortunately, it costs 1 ki point to grab anything your size or smaller. So, you'd be limited in how often/long you'd be able to do it.

Of course, if you can already grapple anything huge or smaller then its probably less of an issue.

On that note, anything that prevents smaller stuff from grappling me is also nice, don't want to get hoisted by my own petard

The masked performer bard is very much in the style of lucha. But likely not in the style you yourself want. Still with some very large likelyhood of groups fighting at once a bard may not be a bad idea.

Second the tetori monk, every single other class that tries to grapple focus is a distant 2nd place to being able to solve the challenges to grappling that tetori solves.

So... I'm pretty sure there aren't actually any size restrictions on grappling? There are on other maneuvers (notably Trip) and there are on the grab ability (which is why the Tetori gets a special exception on that), but you can grapple anything as long as you can hit the CMD. Hitting the CMD is the problem, of course, because bigger enemies will have ludicrously high numbers on that.

The Tetori is still the best grappler for other reasons, though.

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