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So, I was checking out Head Items since I was trying to find a replacement for Jingasa on an older build I was re-using when I found this

Now yes, this thing is fricking expensive, and it's effects aren't amazing for when you are likely to have it, but as far as I can tell, anyone can get a use out of it, using it doesn't cost an action, and it's a cool, hilarious item that you can send zipping around to Finger of Death the dragon for you. At the very least it's better than the Judge's Wig. So have I actually found a decent Head Item for any character or am I in delusion out of desperation for a Jingasa replacement?

Why wouldn't using it cost an action?

Command Word: If no activation method is suggested either in the magic item description or by the nature of the item, assume that a command word is needed to activate it. Command word activation means that a character speaks the word and the item activates. No other special knowledge is needed.

A command word can be a real word, but when this is the case, the holder of the item runs the risk of activating the item accidentally by speaking the word in normal conversation. More often, the command word is some seemingly nonsensical word, or a word or phrase from an ancient language no longer in common use. Activating a command word magic item is a standard action and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Ah....forget what I said about it's usefulness then. For a Standard Action a DC 20 Finger of Death is pretty bad. It's been too long since I've played, forgot about Command Word. Time to find another Head Item.

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Might I suggest the Buffering Cap? For what it does it is pretty well priced. With the price having more than one is not out of the realm of possibility.

Try scaling magic items, specifically the Crystal Tiara.

It’s prety useful no matter what your build is. Even if you are an archer, and don’t get much use out of the icicle attack, you could save on arrows if the last enemy is almost dead by using it, or you could still use the other powers, like summoning an ice elemental, or creating the ice storm. And you can get an advantage by using the air walk effect to get out of range of the enemies while you rain arrows down on them.

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If your character is charisma focused, the Circlet of Persuasion could be quite useful.

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Cyclops Helm.

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Why would I ever take off my greater hat of disguise?

Goz mask has been popular at my table lately.

Actually found Mask of the Mantis, which also is rather decent.

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Commander's Helm: Gain a Teamwork feat and share it with the entire party. If you're a dwarf (or have enough UMD to emulate race), share any Teamwork feat you have.

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