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Haven't seen this discussion anywhere (if so please direct me!), so wanted to start seeing if folks can provide reviews of how the new core set characters are playing. I am just starting out a new campaign with a friend and wanted to know what people think before getting too deep into it.

I have played Seelah a couple of times and here are my thoughts:

- I am overall enjoying the character - her base discard power is fun and adds a layer of drama to the gameplay, provides good support all around, and has great upgrades available - I can't decide which to pick.

- I am disappointed in her divine skill. I get that she's a paladin not a cleric, but the divine = charisma (d8)+0 for me makes her "before acting" power, which is already very situational, not a terribly exciting power, and also makes her recharge ability on spells lacking and inconsistent given that even most level 0 spells have recharge roll of 8. I get not making it a d10, but maybe a d8+1 would have been nice. Honor shield upgrades the skill by expanding the checks where you can use divine, which will be somewhat beneficial eventually, but the d8+0 check will still be not very exciting. I'll trust the designers on this one, but wish her divine were a little better.

- Her attacks aren't very exciting with level 0 weapons - round 1 I was pretty much a drag on the team. But as soon as I got a level 1 weapon in round 2 that changed (keen rapier is amazing). Patience is a virtue?

My friend is playing Seoni. She is and feels pretty much the same as in ROTR, and the addition of Soothing Word as a level 0 spell makes her even more powerful with healing in a pinch.

Anyone else with thoughts?

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I plan to do some character reviews of Core characters in the future, but that will wait for when I have more experience, more time and more to work with (in particular - learning whether new Class Decks are incoming to affect how they'll work in Organized Play).

I will say that I think Seelah has a well-refined design. She can function in multiple party roles, inherently starts off with 3 different relevant proficiencies, and can enhance any check she wants to let her better recharge key spells (like Cure) or pass checks when she absolutely needs to.

I agree that her Divine Skill, innately, is not much of a bonus for her Before Acting power; but turning a potential d4 or d6 into a d8 is not the only thing it does. It gives a bigger reward for putting Skill Feats into Charisma rather than just Strength, giving you a choice to trade off combat options to instead get better at acquiring allies, recharging spells and all BA checks.

Furthermore, even without skill feats, it's ripe to be leveraged with specific boons. If you have allies that "Recharge to add 1d8 to a non-combat Charisma check" or an item that says "Reveal to add 1d4 to a Divine check", or anything like that, they become usable on any BA check thanks to her ability. As a result, she naturally makes better use of Charisma/Divine supporting boons than most other characters. These boons can also enhance her mediocre recharge checks, to make up for her low innate odds.

It's a great power to be built up with boons or feats, in other words. Don't forget that characters don't exist in a vacuum - consider how their power might make specific boons stronger for them (as Seelah's does), and consider that as part of why that power exists. A power doesn't have to be instantly playable on its own to still be extremely good.

This is helpful. Can't wait for your character reviews.

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