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I've gone for 4 subs, and the AP and Campaign have not taken the PF2 start as selected. Please start them at the PF2 products. Also, it does not show the PF Advantage price on the non AP subs, if that is correct and it doesn't apply, please cancel all my subs. If that is incorrect, please apply the 15% off to the other subs.



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Hello mach1.9pants,

Found your other thread! I've canceled the PF1 items from your sidecart, but kept the subscriptions active so they will generate the Second Edition items in early July. The Paizo Advantage discount likely won't show until the AP subscription has been generated into an active order when we generate the subscription orders. When you get your confirmation email, if you don't see the Paizo Advantage discount applied, please let us know, but it should be there.

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Thanks Sam, and the rest of the team, don't burn out over this tricky period!

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