Aggressive Thundercloud

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So the spell sat when you direct it it moves until it moves into a square with a creature. When you don't it stays at rest and crackles with lightning. My question is what if a creature still occupies the square, Does the creature have to make a save on your turn to avoid damage. Say for instance the creature can't move out of the square. Does the spell simply go inactive until you control it again or would it continue to damage the creature until the spell is moved or it moves out of the space where the spell is?

One of 5 duplicate posts, marked as such. Post in the main post if you wish to reply, not here.

I read all of them and none answered my question. It is a Rule Question so I posted in the Rule Questions section.

Link to main thread. Not going to reply here anymore, clarify what you want to know more there.

I apologize. I looked up the spell under rules question thinking that's where I'd find it. Thank you for the link it did anwer my question.

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