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Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

Know what I would love to see? A series of noir mini-scenarios (or even just stories) around the Pact Worlds system's oldest major spaceport.


No, I am not talking about Absalom Station, the sparkling jewel whose Starstone beckons to the inhabitants of hundreds of billions of suns in the Golarion Galaxy.

I speak of Skydock!
Old before the Gap, the beanstalk of Verces reaches up and up from Obarshi in the Ring of Nations to orbiting Skydock. Commerce, shipbuilding, and intrigue abound.

Over three-quarters of a million sapients make Skydock home, and only a bit more than half are the murine-eyed, eight foot tall (that's almost 2.5 meters) Verthani of Verces.

Such a possible hub of adventure!

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