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Hello everyone! The countdown draws ever closer to 2nd Edition, but there is still 1st Edition content to share and catalog. This month is a treat, with Devin inputting both the latest Pathfinder and the lovely Chronicle of Legends, which brings with it a host of new mechanics that required some new code to handle it. As a bonus surprise, Mark also completed Bestiary #6, bringing the last of the big books on the back burner finally to a close!

Details on all the new stuff is below. To those who have sent email and are awaiting replies, thank you for being patient - my free time these days is eaten up by focus on the new site for 2nd Edition, and I think you'll all be happy for some of the new features being worked in there. I did want to answer one popular question: when 2nd Edition comes out, will the 1st Edition site go away? The answer is an emphatic no - of course not. With the sheer number of hours I've (and many others) put into this site, I'll be hosting it long into the end times, even if our world is torn apart by Cthulian horrors. Maybe I can teach some mi-gos how to play Pathfinder.

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New Books
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #142: Gardens of Gallowspire
[Player Companion] Chronicle of Legend
[RPG] Bestiary 6

Site Changes
- Alternate Capstones, introduced in CoL, have been appended to the end of every Class to which they apply. In the Sources area you can find direct links to many of the new capstones that are class specific. There are some capstones which apply to multiple classes, and those ones do not have links out of Sources. Couldn't think of a great way to do it without cluttering up the information. May update that in the future, but for now you can still check any Class to see what their capstones are.
- Cavalier Banners (also introduced in CoL - sensing a theme?) have been added to the site
- Legacy Items, a type of magical scaling item, have been granted their own section. Pathfinder Unchained's scaling items will join them in a future update.
- Magical Sets have been added to the site, and various ones which are tied to Deities will show up on that Deities' page.
- Bugs and errors have been fixed, typos corrected, goblins tickled, etc.

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You may want to take a second look at the source for the Esoteric Knight prestige class. It is definitely from Chronicle of Legends, not the old 3E module Treasure of Chimera Cove.

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Yup - this got pointed out on the Reddit thread too, looks like the wrong Source was flagged when it got input. It's been corrected already in test and should be fixed live soon.

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There is an incomplete link in the Collector's Boon feat entry (not) linking to the Improved Collector's Boon feat.

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