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Cannot find the Bonus Bestiary. I added the free PDF in Oct 2009, and again today. It's not in my list. Was it removed? Thanks.
Bonus Bestiary

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Bumping... haven't gotten a response is over 1 week.

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Hello ckdragons,

I'm sorry about missing this. Just to let you know, bumping moves the thread to be "newer" sections and would delay our response time to it if we don't notice that the original time stamp is in the range that we are currently answering (which it is very easy to do). That said, it is much easier for us to miss posts when we are experiencing a backlog, and I probably missed it and I apologize! I just wanted to pass along this tidbit about bumping, as it is a common forum habit, but actually contradicts the way we try to prioritize threads in the CS forum. It's understandably happening more now that I am needed to split my time between this forum and our inbox, and we are keeping those response times comparable.

The PDF that you were having a hard time with was not appearing due to a previous request from you to suspend the asset back in 2015. It appears that the goal had been to remove them from your asset list at the time, which was done by suspending the asset. Suspending the asset would make it disappear from your downloads list, but it apparently makes it so that you cannot make this asset reappear on your own! I toggled the asset suspension and it should now be available to you again. Please let us know if it gives you any further difficulty, or if there are other assets doing the same thing, as it's possible you have multiples in this state. Thank you!

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