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I picked up We Be Heroes at FreeRPG Day, and it's short but sweet. I have a few questions about it:

1) Is the goal of Scenario 1 to defeat all of the Zompigs? I read and reread it, and I didn't ever see anything that said how we win.

2) Is the Blasted Chicken just in there as the Danger? I'm pretty sure, but it took me a while to figure that out; I kept looking for it in the rules text, and all of the Proxy A/Proxy B/rightmost/leftmost stuff was making my head spin. (It was late, probably playing it would help.)

3) Is Grenek supposed to have such a low sum of skill modifiers, compared to the rest? I feel bad for him.

4) Are we still getting Role cards for the goblins? As it is, if I take one through CotCT, they're destined to be Blackjack. That'll be funny... once. :)

Edit: I thought of something else that's more of a general rules question... Pizazz has a power that lets you add your Diplomacy modifier. Is that always just +2, or (assuming a skill feat used for Charisma) would it also add any Charisma modifiers as well? If not, why not just write 'add 2'?

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I haven't actually played or seen these scenarios yet, but I've got some answers and possible-answers...

1) The new Core Rulebook states that if a Win Condition is not explicitly specified (and there's no Villain), then closing all locations wins you the scenario. That should always be the 'default'.

2) Quite possibly.

3) Comparing Grenek to Amiri, he's comparable in a lot of ways but seems to trade slightly worse skills for an extra Hand Size (plus some other differences, of course). I'd consider a starting hand size of 5 for a Barbarian to be very desirable, personally, as it means he can take more explorations, throw more cards at checks, redraw cycled cards faster, stack more displayed armor easily, etc.

Perhaps it's a case of "Better powers, worse skills" to the Core Barbarian?

4) I think that's the intent? There's none existing yet.

"5") Your Diplomacy Modifier is the modifier you would append to your die roll if you made a Diplomacy check. So yes; it includes your Charisma skill feats. With maxed Charisma, his Diplomacy Modifier is +6 - a very, very potent static boost!

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The role cards for these characters will theoretically be popping up in a blog post in the near future. :)

The blasted chicken is mostly there as the Danger, yes, but one of the locations does require you to defeat the danger, so that's at least one possible chance to fight it, if you find yourself closing locations (which isn't necessary to win).

First, let me say that we're enjoying this adventure quite a lot! The story for 1b is particularly excellent, and the mechanics fit very well! Make the perilous journey to the knights' camp. If you diplomacize, you're aided on the return journey. If you are combative, you're harried on the way back. Love it!

We wondered the same thing about 1a. We decided that we'd just close all locations. There's obviously ambiguity if different groups are coming to different conclusions.

We didn't get to act 2 of 1b at the gaming store, but have hit it now, replaying at home. Now that we're ready for it, we realize that for 1b, there's also uncertainty.

1. Do you rebuild the decks for act 2 and treat it as a third scenario or just keep going?

2. On the locations list (middle of page 4: Trail, Mountain, etc)should the numbered column really be 1,1,1,2,3,5,1? 1,1,2,3,4,5,1 would make more sense. For 3 of us, there are six locations, with no way to close but to go through every deck. Five of them must be closed to win, so that means a minimum of 49* cards to clear. Even if we never failed a check, it's hard to sustain >1.5 explorations per turn for these characters (and we did fail a few in act 1).


*You can only move by defeating a card, so you must each clear one at the first site to move. The next 4 sites have 9 each (only henchman or villain is the proxy in the final location), and the final location - Campsite - has 10. All sites except the first must be closed to keep moving the Shiny Longshanks proxy back to the left, to the first site (Trail).

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!. You just keep going (my group on Saturday had to re-try scenario B twice because we ran out of time, since you only get 30 cards in the hourglass for the whole thing!)

2. The numbering is correct because the final one, listed with a "1", is meant to be the location all the way to the right. BUT! You don't need to close ANY locations to win! "When the proxy is displayed at the leftmost location, you win." and the proxy moves to the rightmost OCCUPIED location every turn.
You simply need to move to the far-right location, then find the Longshanks, then get all of the characters all the way to the far-left location. My group found this out the hard way, because we were trying to close the first location on both of our first two tries, which slowed us down too much. It's MUCH easier to just run as fas as you can (using the move-when-you-defeat-or-acquire power) to the end, then back to the beginning.

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Thanks for the response! The one word we missed was "occupied". We all missed that distinction. Now it makes sense!
Allowing any character to face a non-summoned bane now makes sense, too! The whole party can move on any turn someone encounters a bane from a location deck.

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cartmanbeck wrote:
!. You just keep going (my group on Saturday had to re-try scenario B twice because we ran out of time, since you only get 30 cards in the hourglass for the whole thing!)

Grenek's ability is powerful in this scenario. Players are only forbidden from moving during their move steps. Grenek's EOT ability gets around that.

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Thank you for the responses, everyone. :)

I’m missing something simple, but can someone walk me through setting up 1A - Dead Meat. Is there a Zombie Minion at each location? Is this different than the Zompig or do we fight the Zombig instead of the stats on the Zombie Minion?

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The danger (Zombie Minion) is a displayed card that represents the monster that you encounter whenever something says to encounter the danger. If a card never says that, you never encounter it. :)

There is also a Zompig (represented by Proxy A's) displayed at each location. Per scenario rules, a player can choose to encounter a Zompig displayed at his/her location at end of turn.

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