Adventures in Agrabah


So I watched the new Aladin movie recently, and it was a lot more fun than I was expecting. The real star of the movie for me turned out to be the city itself - Agrabah!

I couldn't help but imagine the adventures we could have in the streets, the markets, below the streets in the dungeons, or out across the desert in mysterious caverns.

With our regular game on hold for 6 months while the GM is overseas I thought this might make a great place for some vaguely-connected 1-shot adventures. I'm thinking ~level 4-7 for the party, but could have my mind changed by something exciting enough.

Help me think of some plot-hooks, encounters, or even short adventures in and around the Jewel of the Desert!

I'll start!

1001 Agrabarian Nights wrote:

The Saltan's children gather round their mother, Queen Aliya.

"How did you and Papa meet?" Asks Faruq (the first born).
"Well children, when I was just a little older than you, I was kidnapped! Fear not though, my kidnappers were not the villains of the story, in fact they were the heroes ..."

I don't have any immediate suggestions, but just wanted to echo what you said. Agrabah would make a great setting. I haven't seen the new Aladdin but I've wanted to play in a setting like that since the very first one came out. And if you haven't seen the 3rd animated Aladdin movie (Robin Williams comes back to play Genie), you need to. It's called "The Hand of Midas" and would make an amazing adventure.

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