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I am looking to create a pure telekineticist in an upcoming game. My role will be as a scout, harasser and trickster first and foremost which is why blasting isn't that important.

Looking over the wild talent Telekinetic Maneuvers I realized that it is a perfect fit for my character. So much so that getting a few grapple feats might be worth it in the long run.

But there are two things that confuse me that I couldn't find the answer to.

1. If I make a grapple check to move an opponent how far can I actually move him.

2. Can I move him straight up into the air?

3. If I disarm an opponent using Telekinetic Maneuvers can I take control of the weapon somehow?

Cheers guys.

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3) So telekinetic maneuvers works like telekinesis, so it has a duration of concentration. Since disarm says "If you successfully disarm your opponent without using a weapon, you may automatically pick up the item dropped" I don't see any reason you could not hold on to the weapon with your strands of aether and spend a standard action next round to retrieve it.

A better option, though it requires some GM approval is to get the monster feat "Quicken Spell-Like Ability" for basic telekinesis so you can disarm with a standard and then use a swift action to snag the dropped item with basic telekinesis.

2) I don't see any reason why not, but I think the "if you attempt to place the grappled target somewhere hazardous, they get a +4 to resist" clause would be invoke whenever they would start taking fall damage.

1) Well, telekinetic maneuvers says "works like telekinesis" and "telekinesis" says "resolve the combat maneuver as usual" (except for some math differences) so we would refer to the grapple rule for moving of "you can move them half your speed." I don't think this precisely makes sense, so expect table variation.

What PossibleCabbage said, with the addendum for #2 that if you lift them in the air, the hazardous area gives them a free check to escape.

The telekinesis spell itself can either manuever to grapple, then manuever to move the grapple, or it can use the violent thrust (granting a saving throw) to move the target(s).

Thanks for the help guys. It makes sense when you lay it out like that. This means that I will have to sink a few feats into manoeuvres to make it viable but the Kineticist always have some feats to burn so it's fine.

Also, the limits make it more fun; Having something work as a full-fledged Telekinesis spell would have been way too flexible an ability.

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