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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I don't know where it should go, so.... *shrug.*

Are we going to have any APs or Campaign Settings set in Nex anytime soon? It just seems like such an awesome, high-fantasy place to explore, yet we know so little about the country (unless there's some hidden treasure trove I missed, which is absolutely possible).

Does anyone else wish that we knew more about the ultimate Wizard nation? It just seems like it's rarely talked about.

Considering we've had some Arazni content in the last AP, I'd say the table is set for some more stories from that region.

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I agree it holds alot of potential, I am interested in the humble aspects of it as society as much as details like specific magical condition of Nex himself . Developing Nex's historical culture re: Osironi Empire and earlier Shori and other cultures in Mwangi Expanse seems like gold mine for roleplaying (and not just for Nex itself). I hope for Ancient Osirioni pantheon to see development in nations beyond just Osirion proper. How does it relate to it's neighbors BESIDES perma-cold-war with Geb? Nex having Ndele Gap "backdoor" to Kibwe region, with Kibwe having had long term stability as well as active trade relations, seems important "non-conflictive" context for Nex society. I see Nex-associated, Arcane-savvy rangers scouting Kibwe and Mwangi expanse for magical reagents and historical artifacts is angle I personally imagine to ground Nex within broader area.

Two thumbs up to the idea!

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