life oracle feat help?


so on our saturday campaign i play this oracle of life and ive put all my main focus on healing and just healing

but now that we are lvl 3 im a bit unsure on what feats to take in the future
i took selective changeling as the first feat,
and are considering Improved initiative as it gives me time to ither buff up a bit first or active the power my tiefling have that works as deathwatch

but other than that im not really sure
ive read all the channel feats through and found a few that would fit her well there aswell

but if you know more that would be great for the healer role let me know :3

Eh... are you sure that this is what you want to do? Being a healbot isn't known for being fun.

If you do want to spam heal, raise your HP as high as possible so you'll get more out of Life Link. Toughness is nice for that. Improved Initiative is a must for any full caster. You might want to consider Reach Spell so that you can heal at range.

Purifying Channel will let you heal AND contribute to damage dealing, provided the enemy isn't resistant to fire. If if happens to be resistant or immune to fire, Elemental Channel its face.

I'm not going to ask you if you are sure this is what you want to do. The oracle spell list is diverse enough to come up with other things to do than just channel/heal, and you really don't need feats to be decent at anything (mostly because of those spells). But, if you are going to focus on healing, think about taking the Healing Token spell so that it frees up your action economy. Don't worry about Channel Smite or similar channel feats, unless you specifically want to weaponize your channel in that way.

You could look into Passing Grace teamwork feat which would allow the party to share over heals among each other. You could channel for example 3d6 and pass the extra to those that could use most of that overflow. If only your martials are hurt even casters can help heal them. It will get close to keeping pace with damage if everyone has the feat. Theres spells to share that.

Personally I wouldn't think too much about buffing core HP healing function of Channel, you're already going to be great at it, and really there's other things to do. Stuff pushing Channel to other uses is good to consider, and Quick Channel (Move Action) is also great at weaving in a Channel to whatever else you want, but you can also consider stuff unrelated to Channel and HP healing completely.

Along with Elemental Channel, Alignment Channel (vs Fiends etc) is good way to expand Channel's usefulness.

Lifesense is IMHO a great feat to look forward to (11th level)

Energy Body is favorite of mine, although limited (rounds/level) duration and Standard Action are limiting...
Elf/Aasimar/some Elemental kin/Nagaji FCB boost to one revelation can help, although boosting Channel may be too tempting.
(I would designate Energy Body because more/bigger numbers of same ability you already rock at is boring and superfluous IMHO)
It allows further healing without even requiring any action (even on allies' turn if they move thru you),
but just as importantly you gain all the immunities of the Elemental type, notably including:
Immune to bleed, paralysis, poison, smoke/drowning, sleep, stun, precision and critical damage, and flanking.

Delay Affliction is another good one to keep you in the game and avoid debuff/CC (e.g. VS Stinking Cloud or Sleep Poison)

Well. I have my life oracle who is healer. damage preventer. and lastly a bit of a blaster. almost never ever a buffer oddly enough.
I do have to say. reactive healing is difficult and a bit of a fools game in pthfinder. PReventing is more useful. with some healing through different means. So if you can find ways to prevent damage that is quite useful.
I've only ever played hte one healer, I am now. for.. 2?ish years now. I originally built him to do a few things.
1) I've never been a healer but we needed to. and I hate prepared casting.
2) I wanted to play a different way. I usually am a Ranged DPS (one hit instead of spam. I don't like full attack style)
3) I wanted to try playing purely support, without just being "toss a buff" style.
4) Aid Another is a mechanic I'd never really actually used.

an example of my healer in concept:

They are Life Oracle. with Phi Zi and Dual Cursed archetype. Main curse is Blackened (gets me some low level blasts. THough now that I"m like lv 12 it doesn't help that much. but at lower levels it helped a ton in a few moments. Mostl burning hands and Flaming sphere).

He has increased Aid Another boosts (traits, items etc). Took Combat Reflexes. and Bodyguard. To use Aoo's to boose AC of allies within range. Thats mitigated a ton of damage (hasn't worked that well past lv 10~ though. except on the 2nd/3rd/etc attacks I dont' bother on the first or sometimes second now) That said.. a large part of this comes down the game and its cash flow. A lot of items but not much gold effectively? So, I really need to just sell the excess stuf and increase the armour and shield enhancments and stick Benevolant on it. (and possibly my shield spikes if I pick up the feat that lets me aid another as a swift to occasionally help with ally's big attack)

He has 10str and went more dex. med armour, and rocks a heavy shield. CHA caster primary really. he has shield spikes/shield for Threatening.
Revs: Life Link. Healers way (phi zhi archetype. Lay on hands) channel. Energy Body (most recent).
Feats: in no order. Fey Founding. combat reflex. body guard. quick channel. selective channel (honestly i half recret) Reach Metamagic. Reactive healing.
Now.. this last one? is a big great thing. It lets me usue Channel or LoH as an immediate action when I hit 0hp to immediately heal.
With Fey FOunding my self heals heal for far more and far more consistantly.

So basically most of the time Life Link is healing the group enough, and I stand near my more fragile allies. at low levels I aid another'd our ranged DPS, while guarding her (and often an NPC or another). and I occasionally heal myself as needed. Or run to our front fighter and heal them. Sometimes I'd also run near enemies and "turtl" up with I think its called Total Defense? with 3 acrobatics it adds 6 dodge AC as a standard. Also helped flanks/AOO blocking my other friends up close.
These days I still tend to stand and bodyguard friends, life linking a lot. But can also channel (though I can not remember the last time I did in a fight). Drop some bigger spells like Flame STrike. Fire Wall (from mystery) a few other great chocie spells. Or heal further away with Reach metamagic as needed.

This character ends up using literally every action I can think of in the game. standards, full rounds, moves, swifts, immediate. So be sure to manage that well. After all if you use an immediate action for Dual Curse's re-roll that means you can not self heal if you hit 0. So you could be murdered.

But this Life Oracle has kept the entire party alive through some rough damage. While being exciting (positiong defending, etc). It was pretty neat to view the game from a completely different point of view--this is my first "healer" character and also first not ranged skill monkey I think. Having never actually took a swing with a weapon made for some really interesting different viewpoints.
and these days. its pretty darn difficult to HP drop any of us. Particularly my healer. Usually (unless i get caught off guard or resources running low) you typically have to kill him in one round. doing at least 140-160% of his total life to put him down. That said Save or Suck wrecks the poor guy. Oracles and Will Saves aren't amazing. He's also tanked more than few fort saves (almost turned to stone!).

I would not suggest you jsut build exactly like that or anything. I am suggesting if you want to be a "healer" you look at it a different way than normal. Look at what you can do to prevent the need for healing.
and lastly.

The number one rule for healers in my opinion.
Do Not Die.
You can not help or heal anyone if you die.
(even if my healer has died twice, and has had to reactively heal like..6? times where he should've died)

Whelp double posting.. Ah well.

Something I neglected alot and constantly regreat is learning how to deal with Dieseases and Poisons.. I dont' think I really know how to fix most of those. Most of the time for dieseases and poisons I ended up rolling heal to give a bonus. And then (depending on situation) Aid Anothering their roll --which honestly I'm not sure was actually within the rules or not come to think of it now.
I have a Healing Staff which has helped a lot with those.. But just be aware that those are problems that come up and aren't really something I ever thought how to fix before hand.

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I’d suggest retraining for the Pei Zin practitioner or the Spirit Guide archetypes, and retrain your first level feat to Fey Foundling. Pei Zin gives you Lay on Hands like a paladin and with a Fey Foundling you’re increasing your own healing by something like 40%. Pairs really well with Life Link revelation. If you go Spirit Guide at level 6 you can pick the Life spirit and gain another pool of channel energy (effectively doubling your channels)

Personally I’m a fan of Eldritch Heritage (arcane) for a familiar. Having one that can deliver touch spells like Cure Serious Wounds or even Bestow Curse while staying safely out of melee range is great, and since you aren’t crazy dependent on your familiar like a witch or shaman, you can afford to risk them a bit more.

I also like Fateful Channel, which is the Pharasma channel feat. It allows allies to roll twice and take the better on a few key options.

Quick channel is a must have unless you are going Pei Zin Practitioner. Even then it’s still a good option.

Ya just retrain a feat you can only take at level one and simply "remember" that you were orphaned in the woods (sorry mom and dad) and that fairies raised you. You just plum forgot. Seems legit.

Though how could you forget its only how every life Oracle and Paladin are raised.

Just skip over the part where it says you have to take it at first level and pretend it says take it as your first level feat. Close enough.

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Seems a bit overly snarky, given that you can take feats like racial heritage, Eldritch Heritage and additional traits. Like you just “suddenly remember” you were bullied on the streets of Absalom making you have better initiative suddenly.

I mean sure if the GM doesn’t let you retrain it because you’re not level 1 anymore, fine. But it’s pretty much the one feat that can really help make in combat healing a fairly viable tactic. If other feats came as close to it in its effectiveness in healing, people would probably relax on the Fey foundling feat.

Even without Fey foundling is definitely recommend retraining to either of those archetypes.

Combat Casting is still a useful feat for your other spells. For race I'd choose Assimer due to the racial channeling feats available.

My favorite strat as a life oracle is focusing on channel energy, life link, life spirit form, and quick channeling so you can just burst heal on demand.

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