Faster command words? (Transformative)



So. If I am assuming correctly (as it does not list one) Transformative weapon property can only be used as a standard action right?
That just costs soo much time in a game. Is there any way, anyone knows of, to increase this? I feel like it would be bad for other command word items. But for transformative I feel like having some way to use it as a swift action would just be flavorful and make for cooler character moments where switching weapons from a one handed sword to a whip to trip someone or to transform into someting else for a cool dirty trick fluff.

Does anyone happen to know if there is a feat, trait, higher enchantment that lets Transformative work faster?

If not.. how much would something like that be worth you think?

I know of no way to shorten it, though a contingent action spell could switch it without an action required at all. Provided it happens within the shortish duration (min/level) of contingent action anyway.

To make it a swift action is like quickening it. Transformative is based off major creation, a 4th level spell. It has CL 10. Quickened major creation would be 8th level and have a min CL of 15. (8*15)/(4*10) = 3, so tripling the cost of transformative to 30K seems like a reasonable starting point as well as being a nice round number.

Hm, might bring up the idea. Thanks

Bit too bad there isn't some kind of 3rd transformation extra level up like Greater Transformation. Would be really cool to be able to morph it mid combat. THough I guess I could also just fluff it to an extent.

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