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Just wondering if/when we might expect some of the community use packs to see any logos based on the 2E style?

I've got a convention I'm organizing part of in August where we're gonna mix in some 2E content to spark interest & we'll likely be putting some fliers in local game stores soon. It'd be great to be able to use 2E related art in the fliers as it may catch the eye of some people who aren't avid 1E players but might be intrigued by a new system.

Looking at the community use packs it doesn't seem any of the 2E stuff is available? I imagine it's a low priority with everything going on, but is there any ETA's around this or is this something you're holding off for now?

Yeah, it would be nice to have the logo.

I'm curious if the action icons will be open for community use. For example, my friend made a treasure lookup web site (which I helped on with data entry and bug checking) for PF1 and the playtest. He wants to do a PF2 version (and I'm going to volunteer to do data entry again. Will we be able to use the PF2 action icons for item activation and such? I know they're being released for third party publishers, but what about sites like ours?

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I asked this a while back, as have other people, and we got an official comment here:

Pathfinder 2e and the Community Use Policy

Glenn Elliott, Licensing Manager wrote:

The Community Use Policy is specifically designed to be edition agnostic, so it will not need to change when Second Edition is released. Instead, you'll just see the new assets for Second Edition added to the Community Use Package when they become available just like you do for other Paizo products. I don't have a specific ETA for that, other than it will be after launch and might take a little bit longer than normal due to the volume of new products.

That was back in February, so I don't know if anything has changed since then. It seems to confirm that it'll happen, but not ahead of the actual launch in August.

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