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Ok first off I know this belongs in the 3rd party area but i never get answered when i post there (in the past for other builds)

Any ways I am looking at building a Martial Armorist and need advice on my sphere/talents if any one knows how they work.

I am starting at level 3 and this character should make it to level 10

so I need advice on my talents and spheres up to them

My first bound equipment will be a pole-arm of some sort then i will bind some armor and then a long bow

I like to be able to do cool things with my bound pole-arm so i need advice on talents that would be good for it

also the gm says i can have two martial talents in place of the magic talents i gain at first level

I have my stats and everything i just need advice on the talents and spheres

First up, if you're taking the martial armorist archetype then you have simple weapon prof. only. Long spear is your polearm and a longbow is out unless you spend a feat or play an elf. Which is possible, don't get me wrong. An elf with magic, a spear and a longbow is a decent image to work off.

You'll mostly be spending spell points on conjuring your bound equipment so you'll want magic spheres where you can get away with not spending spell points. Also splitting your few talents between magic and martial talents will give you few of either.

That's generalities of course. With all of the spheres of power and might at your disposal you have too many possibilities of combinations to list all possible specifics. Do you have any image or idea you want to build around or to? And no, 'i want to use a polearm' is not an image or an idea.

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Hang on

At 1st level you should be getting 2 Magic Talent but you should also be getting a Martial Tradition which will give you your starting Martial Spheres. After that as you gain talents you can spend them on either Martial or Magical spheres.

So if you start with Pikeman Tradition you'll get
Pikeman Training (Discipline), Polearm Mastery
Lancer Sphere
your choice of Guardian Sphere or a Lancer Talent

2 Magic Spheres for your first level in a Sphere casting class

Defensively, the basic effects of the Berserker Sphere and the Guardian Sphere combo extremely well, allowing you to soak up damage and then tank it with temporary HP. You may find this overview of the spheres helpful. Similarly, what role(s) do you see yourself taking in the party? Do you want to tank and distract foes? Deal damage? Inflict debuffs? Support allies? There are plenty of ways to make a Martial Armorist, so having an idea or theme in mind will go a long ways towards helping us give good advice. XD

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